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H.O.T. jobs Scavenger Hunt

No description

Omar Khan

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of H.O.T. jobs Scavenger Hunt

H.O.T Jobs scavenger Hunt

How many many medical Clusters are found in the directory?
Diagnostic Pathway
Therapeutic pathway
Salary- $31,00 to $70,000 dollars a year
Educational Institution- Any two year college or Alvin community College.
Their are no licenses currently required to become a neuroDiagnostic Technologist. But it is recommended that you have an associates degree or higher and have gone to a school that teaches NueroDiagnostics.
-Much faster than the average growth due to change in status from volunteer to paid, and increase of population.
additional approved paramedic training equal to 1000 hours or more including classroom, practical, clinical and field internship.Completion of some programs may lead to a two year associate degree. Lonestar college system or any technician college.
State Certification Some states require the National Registry EMT s Certification exam, EMT-P.
What does the acronym "H.O.T" stand for?What is the significance of choosing this acronym as a title for this dictionary?
Health Informatics Pathway
Support service pathway
Biotechnology Research and development Pathway
EMT Paramedic
Salary: 56,000
Job Outlook
Working Environment
Work indoors and Outdoors, in all types of weather. The work is physically strenuous and can be stressful, sometimes involving life-or-death situations and patients who are suffering.
Biomedical Chemist/ Scientist

Work in healthcare to diagnose disease and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment through the analysis of fluids and tissue samples from patients. Career opportunities is continually changing. once qualified many scientists work in laboratories for the NHS and private sector.

Biomedical Scientist work in healthcare and carry out a range of laboratory tests and techniques on tissue samples and fluids to help clinicians diagnose diseases. They also evaluate the effectiveness of treatments. Biomedical scientists tend to specialize in one particular area including:
Medical Microbiology- identification of micro-organisms cause disease and their antibiotic treatment.
Clinical Chemistry- Analysis of body fluids and toxicology studies and etc.

Texas A and M
Certification Necessary:
The American Board of Clinical Chemistry is a certification agency for doctoral level chemists and a potential resource. There are different levels of certification, beginning with associate level. The educational requirements for this are lower, so your experience may qualify you while your still a student.

Salary= 76,700 year 36.87/hour
Working Environment
Job Outlook
Educational Institutes
and Certification necessary
Health Educator
College- San Francisco State University
You must obtain a health teacher certificate some employees may require the certified health education specialist credential. A bachelors degree is required for entry-level positions in health education or health promotions.
Hospitals, non-profit organizations, government, doctor offices, Pr p vote businesses, and colleges
Industrial Hygienist
Working Environment- Collect examples of vapors and other toxic materials
Job Outlook- Average Growth
Institution- Texas A&M
The board of certified safety professionals and the American Board of Industrial hygiene
NeuroDiagnostic Technologist
Work Environment- Work indoors in a controlled environment with patients.
Job Outlook- Their are many opportunities for them since many new labs are opening and their is a need for them.
It means Health opportunities in Texas

What do you consider to be the most important characteristics of the careers you chose?
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