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3D Geometric shape value creature

No description

Heather Brown

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of 3D Geometric shape value creature

3D Geometric Shape Value Creature
Geometric form
Light shadow and value
What is pictured here?
Where is the light coming from?
How do you know?
What is value?
How do we show value in pencil?
1. Outline geometric forms 2. Add value to make 3D
3D Creature Project Rubric

/10 Practice sketch preplanning
/20 Creativity and originality in design used to combine geometric shapes into animal or creature
/30 Shaded geometric forms with FULL range of value so they look 3D
/10 Good use of class time-developed idea to complete project-Didn’t rush
/20 Craftsmanship- Drawing neat and clean and complete skillful use of art tools and media(no
/10 Used 3 of the 4 geometric shapes
/100 pts
-5 If full name, class period and day is not listed on Art work and practice sheet

What 3 basic shapes are pictured here?
Which 3 d forms on the right match the shape on the left?
Which 3d form has a doesn't match the other shape?
What is that form called?
Where is the light source?
Light Source
Figure out where your
light source is so you know
where to highlight your forms
Circle or Sphere?
What is the basic geometric shape?
What have they done to the 2 dimensional shape to make it look 3 dimensional?
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