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A Review of a Presentation Technology: Prezi

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Charmaine W

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of A Review of a Presentation Technology: Prezi

POOJA MITRA: 626721 A Review of a Presentation Technology: Prezi INTRODUCTION SUMMARY OF THE ARTICLE ANALYSIS
CRITIQUE CONCLUSION This article successfully describes all elements of the innovation and impartially depicts both benefits and limitations of Prezi.

To sum it up one can therefore say that an overview of Prezi and information required in understanding this software is clearly portrayed.

However, only if a comparison between Microsoft Power Point and Prezi was done as well, it would have helped the reader gauge better, why Prezi is far superior and better than the existing power point software with actually having to use it to realize its advantages.

All in all the collaborative features of Prezi are likely to aid in the adoption of this new technology. CONCLUSION
This article elaborately describes this new presentation technology in an unbiased manner by highlighting both the advantages of the software and the attached drawbacks.

However, this article presents a very methodological depiction of this innovation beginning from explaining what it is and how it works, who can use it, technology requirements, skills and knowledge needed and lastly its significance and social implications ANALYSIS AND CRITIQUE On the other hand Prezi requires one to have skills of:

navigating websites and due to the technicality involved one might also find it very difficult initially,

it requires too many hardware and software requirements which may be one of its limitations,

one might require training or read up on prezi before using it,

Prezi is an extension of an existing product (PowerPoint) but it surely enables a presenter to add an innovative touch to the presentation. ANALYSIS AND CRITIQUE A. Innovatively presenting ideas has the advantage that:

difficult concepts are made easy to understand
gets the attention of the audience for a longer period of time.

Prezi is beneficial:

to people in remote areas to make presentations and be of value to them

particularly in incorporating their research findings

it helps in promoting academic collaboration on joint projects

does not have the boundaries like that of Microsoft PowerPoint to squeeze all data on a slide to fit it as it allows a higher degree of graphics and animations and data to be collated together at once. ANALYSIS AND CRITIQUE Significantly unique features of Prezi allows users:

online access to their presentations,

permitting zooming and panning features and help audience view big or technical concepts easily to aid faster comprehension and retention of ideas,

high potential to collaborate works of people from a distance mainly in social research work

For using Prezi successfully it is helpful to be skilled at internet navigation and file management, an understanding of design principles and of animations.

This software can be used on a PC or Macintosh computer, high speed internet connection, up-to-date web browser and operating system, 1GB computer memory and recent version of Adobe Flash Player. SUMMARY OF THE ARTICLE Title of Article:
“A Review of a Presentation Technology: Prezi”
Brian.E.Perron and Alyson.G.Stearns
Source and Year of Publication:
Internet article on Research on Social Work Practice and published in the year 2010:http://rsw.sagepub.com or more specifically sagepub.com/journalsPermissions.nav
This paper deals with the summary, analysis and critique of this article named above, discussing the review of an innovative presentation software called Prezi. INTRODUCTION Your questions and comments are most welcome!!! Thank You for listening!!! Prezi, is an online presentation service provider that offers various types of options for the creation and storage of digital presentation.

This software allows the presentation of a story line or concept in a linear and free-flowing manner on a large blank space which is like a canvas for the presenter. On this canvas various tools can be used to combine the thoughts of the presenter.

Prezi functions in an environment for developing highly customizable presentation to support the projection of complex ideas and concepts.

Users must subscribe to Prezi online, and then add topics they wish to present to the canvas, and then group ideas into frames to be able to control the flow and order of the presentation.
Arrangement and re-arrangement with the canvas layouts along with an embedded editing tool can enable the creation of creative presentations. SUMMARY OF THE ARTICLE
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