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Vistage - IMiller Intro

No description

Ingrid Miller

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Vistage - IMiller Intro

Graduated from Babson College
Undergraduate MBA style curriculum
Focus on MIS
Desire to work in Mgmt IT Consulting
The History of Rural Sourcing, Inc.
Hobbies & Interests
Spending time with friends
Working Out
Road Biking & Triathlons
Wine/Scotch/Bourbon Tasting
Watching Boston Sports
Traveling the World
Fun Places I've Been!
What Upsets Me?
Poor Planning
Unwarranted Rudeness
Lack of Respect for my time
RSI Stats
200 Employees
4 Offices in 3 States
Corporate Office in Atlanta
Development Centers in:
Founded in Jonesboro, AR by the CIO at Baxter Healthcare
Clarkston Consulting took a minority stake
April - Clarkston purchased RSI
May - Leadership Development Program at Clarkston kicked off
July - Presented proposed changes at RSI to the Clarkston partners
October - I went to Arkansas as Director of Operations
January - Monty Hamilton joined as CEO
Opened the 2nd Development Center
January - Hired a VP of Sales
March - Opened the 3rd Development Center
May - Spun out from Clarkston as a separate legal entity
My Role
Client Services
Resource Mgmt
Internal IT
New Office Opening
My Role within the Organization
RSI Revenue Growth
Clarkston Shareholders were imprinted upon RSI
Previously owned 4%
Offered equivalent in Phantom Stock in new entity
12 Million in Shares with 2 Million outstanding - assignment not yet known
Enjoying Life to the Fullest
My Family & Friends
Health and Happiness
What Do I Value?
About Me
Choosing Clarkston over others
Management Consulting Firm
Focus on Life Sciences & Consumer Products
100% Travel
Began in 2003
Worked on major global SAP implementations in many different roles including
Quality Assurance and Validation
Technical Developer
Technical Team Lead
Functional Expert
Project Manager
Chosen to be part of a Leadership Development Program on the path to Partner
Strategy & Channels
Public Relations
Industry Advisory Groups
New Website roll out
Sales Results and Trends
Larger deal size, longer terms
Increasing sales within existing logos
Recent improvement in Sales strategy
Refined focus on Go To Market strategy
Who is RSI?
What does the Future hold?
Major Opportunities and/or Issues facing RSI
Regearing the strategic plan to refocus on $100 million
Moving from Founder Startup to Industry Leader
Building new Partnerships that feed Sales/Revenue
Growth without Outside Investment
Major Opportunities and/or Issues facing ME
Continue to move up the value chain - focusing on Strategic Initiatives
Guide the team in building out the 5 Year Strategic Plan
Areas for Improvement
Delegate responsibilities that don't move the needle
Utilize Analytics to determine potential efficiencies/improvements etc
Understand what other executives are spending their time on and assess what more I can be doing
3-5 Year Planning
Business Objectives
1000 Developers in 8-10 Offices
$100 Million in top line Revenue
Maintain the strong Culture we've built
Maintain high retention rates
Personal Objectives
Build my experience as a strong COO
Continue to prepare to transition to a CEO role
Strengthen my financial knowledge and ability to manage the business including experience with acquisitions
What would I like to receive through Vistage?
Collaborative environment where success breeds success
Honest feedback and different dog food
New methodologies, tools, ideas or innovative ways of thinking about RSI
What do I bring to the table?
Strong IT/consulting background in the Life Sciences and Consumer Products industries
Deep experience in growing a startup
Strong female executive to bring diversity in thought
Proven success in employee satisfaction equating to low attrition rates
Risk taker
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