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24.3 Precipitation

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of 24.3 Precipitation

Causes of Precipitation
Coalescence- cloud droplets combine with smaller droplets and fall
drop size depends on condensation nuclei
tropical regions
Measuring Precipitation
rain gauge
snow is measured by height and water amount
24.3 Precipitation
rain (.5 mm - 5 mm)
< .5 mm = drizzle
snow -> pellets, individual crystals, flakes
sleet- rain falls through layer of freezing air
glaze ice -> ice storms
at high altitudes with less pressure, water has a lower freezing point
droplets stick to freezing nuclei
middle and high latitudes receive their snow and rain from supercooled clouds
Cloud Seeding
attempting to cause or increase precipitation
add freezing nuclei with silver iodide vapor
cool cloud droplets and cause ice crystals to form with dry ice
Forms of Precipitation
The Destructive Power of Hail
How is hail formed?
What was the size of the largest hailstone ever recorded?
Give three examples of the types of damage hail can cause.
Explain the hail damage that occurred in Syria.
Why will you see layering if you cut a hailstone in half?
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