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Spunky chincillas production

Zulia Solis

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Bullying

What we can do...
*What it is
- bullying using electronic devices
- using text messaging and social media websites
- name calling
- photo's can't be deleted once they are sent to other people
- can cause depression and suicidal thoughts, including self-harm
- can reach a person when he/she is alone

Verbal bullying
Relational bullying
Physical bullying
~when a person or large group verbally, physically, or socially intimidates someone they feel is "weaker" to cause harm and stress on that "weaker" person.
*What it is:
-bullying with cruel spoken words
-on-going name calling
-disrespectful comments(appearance, religion, disability, etc.)

-a child may pull away from their parents or peers
-someone being verbally bullied will feel moody(depression)
-someone might not eat well
-somebody being verbally bullied will ask if something hurtful that was said to them is true

How to prevent it and
what to

to stop it
What is it?
Relational bullying is when someone is prevented from joining or being part of a group
-mood changes
-alone more than usual
-starts to take different routes to school
-starts to bully others
-grades start decreasing
-starts getting headaches or other pains

- unexpectedly stops using devices
- appears nervous or jumpy when on their device
- angry and depressed
- increase or decrease of eating
What is it?
Physical Bullying includes the following:
- repeated hitting
- tripping
- pushing
- stealing or destroying their possessions
What are symptoms?
Some symptoms are the following:
- coming home with bruises or unexplained injuries
- damaged clothing, books, or possessions
- skipping certain classes
- acting sad or depressed
- display low self-esteem
- mood swings
what can we do to prevent it?
- they can talk to an adult
- stand up to the bully
- avoid areas where the bullying is likely to happen
- walk with friends rather than alone

-you can talk to an adult
-stand up to the bully
-try to set the bully in the right
path instead of letting them
bully more people
*Thank you Fierce Five for being in this video :)
girls are more likely to be bullied this way
48% of students go through relational bullying
90% of those students reported being bullied
mostly happens during the ages of 11-15
in 2007-08 about 25% of public schools reported that relational bullying was used weekly
Created by:Zulia, Rebekah, Trinity, and Aimee
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