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7th grade Zach Hope

Student Shelton

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Basketball

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Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith. He played with 2 peach baskets and a soccer ball.
There is two hoops, a ball, and 10 players (5 players on each team).
The goal is to put the ball in the hoop.
There is 5 positions you can play such as point guard, shooting guard, small foward, power foward , and center
The professional league is called the National Basketball Association.

I like basketball because a couple of reasons. I love to watch and play basketball. My favorite team it the Oklahoma City Thunder. My favorite college team is UCLA. I also like it because a lot of my friends play it. The main reason is because it is fun to play. I play something called fantasy basketball with my friends.
About Basketball
Nba Pictures
Why I Like Basketball
The National Basketball Association also known as the "NBA" was invented in 1946.
The current CEO is Adam Silver and the previous one was David Stern. Adam silver is the 5th CEO.
There are 30 teams.
The Celtics have the most titles won with 17 and the most recent title was won by the Spurs.
One of the best player ever was Michael Jordan.
National Basketball Association
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