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Personal vs. Shared Knowledge

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Iris Li

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Personal vs. Shared Knowledge

Personal vs. Shared Knowledge
The overlap
Personal Knowledge
Shared Knowledge
The Venn-Diagram
The diagram shows that there is a difference between one person's own knowledge-making and shared knowledge between many people.
However, although they are seen as two different types of knowledge, there is a intersection where personal and shared knowledge is joined together.
A lot of personal knowledge comes from shared knowledge, and shared knowledge is built by individuals working alone or together with others.
ToK: Personal Vs Shared Knowledge
Iris Li and Fion Lee

Only the person knows their own feelings (not anyone else)
The person's knowledge comes from other people (who wrote history books)
The person uses knowledge from other people (books) but also makes his own knowledge
The circles for Personal Knowledge and Shared Knowledge are not the same size.
This is to suggest that both that the sum of all the shared knowledge in the world or in any given community is greater than the sum of any individual’s knowledge.
One weakness about using a diagram to convey this idea is that it is impossible to accurately represent the relative quantities of knowledge.
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