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The 2016 Election

No description

regan roach

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of The 2016 Election

What Makes Hillary So Special?

Hillary Clinton is the first woman to be the nominee for a major party. She has an extensive background in law and politics, and has a lot of experience being in office. This could potentially give her an edge, as the other nominees do not have the same level of experience. Her tool is mainly the fact that she is a woman who will fight for other women, and is in support of policies that will improve the lives of minorities.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton
Democratic Candidate
Republican Candidate
Make America Great Again!
Get To Know The 2016 Presidential Candidates
Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
Background (family):
Trump's father was a real estate broker in Queens, his mother emigrated from the Scottish Isle of Lewis to the United State for a "better future".
He has five children (Ivanka 34, Donald Jr. 38, Tiffany 22, Eric 22, Barron 10) and is married to former model Melania Knauss.
She was Secretary of State from 2009-2013 under President Obama
Married to former President Bill Clinton and has a daughter named Chelsea Clinton (36)
Her father, Hugh E. Rodham, was a businessman from Pennsylvania, and was married to her mother, Dorothy Rodham

Trump Vs. Clinton
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Choosing The Party Candidates
How The Election Process Works...
Works Cited
Voters from each state vote which candidate they want to run from their affiliated party.
States can choose to have
, or
blanket elections
If they choose not to do a traditional election, they can hold a
with local party precinct meetings. To be a part of a caucus, you must be either a registered Republican or Democrat.
Registered Independents may not participate in caucuses because voters have to be separated into groups by their affiliated party
Ultimately, the purpose of each process is to select the presidential nominee from each party as well as to select delegates to attend the national conventions of the parties.
Dailymail.com, Alexandra Genova For. "Donald Trump's Mother WAS an Immigrant Chasing the American Dream: Documents Reveal Penniless Scot Purposely Traveled to America for Better Life." Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 21 May 2016. Web. 15 Sept. 2016.

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"Top Donors Data for Donald Trump." Opensecrets RSS. N.p., 12 Aug. 2016. Web. 18 Sept. 2016.

"Summary Data Hillary Clinton." Https://www.opensecrets.org. OpenSecrets, 12 Sept. 2016. Web. 21 Sept. 2016.

"Hillary Clinton on the Issues." Hillary Clinton 2016. Hillaryclinton.com, n.d. Web. 22 Sept. 2016.

"Everything You Need to Know about Hillary Clinton." Hillary Clinton 2016. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2016.
The 2016 Election

Background (Education):
Went to the New York Military Academy at age 13 for the apparent "disciplinary problems" his parents saw in him.
In 1968, he got his bachelors from the Wharton College of Finance at Pennsylvania State.
Religious Affiliation:
Donald Trump's parents were a part of the Christian branch of Presbyterianism.
He and his siblings attended the Marble Collegiate Church from a young age.
Though he's not an active member, he has publicly stated that he's still Presbyterian.
Previous Job Experience:
Donald Trump earned a net worth of 4.5 billion USD through real estate and business development and reality television.
His development projects include: The Grand Hyatt, Trump Towers, Trump Hotels across the nation, Trump Airlines, Trump Mortgage, Trump University, Trump Golf Courses etc. (Note: not all of these were successful).
Trump starred in both The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, which he claims to have gotten $213 million from.
Significance of This Slogan:
This slogan represents Trump's run for the presidential election in that he plans to build up jobs and bring the economy forward out of the $13 trillion debt we're currently facing. When his slogan says "again", he's referencing the era of republican president Ronald Reagan who ended The Cold War in 1991, developed Reaganomics, reduced government spending, and freed the American hostages during the Iranian hostage crisis.
Social/Internet Media:
Twitter Handle
- @realDonaldTrump

Personal Campaign Website
- www.donaldjtrump.com

- Donald J. Trump
Reason For These Sites?
Donald Trump uses social media in order to have his voice heard by younger generations who primarily use the internet and don't spend much time -if any at all- watching the actual news and the happenings of the election. He has a personal campaign website to specify his republican beliefs which can differ from the general ideas of the GOP as a whole.
Political Beliefs (Donald Trump)
National Security:
Building up military, increase militaristic spending.
Greater presence of nuclear weaponry in the United States.
Using the family's of terrorists against them (i.e. interrogating them, attacking them).

Close the border with Mexico, build a wall
Have Mexico pay for the wall through increased visa fees.
No alien may wire money out of the U.S. without documentation.
Supports Kate's Law: undocumented aliens who are deported and return to the United States would receive a mandatory five year sentence.
Healthcare Reform:
Repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obama care)
Modify existing laws that disable the sale of health insurance across state lines to increase competition within the insurance market.
Deduction of health insurance taxes.
Creation and expansion of Health Savings Accounts with no inheritance tax
Limit availability of medicaid to its requirements.

Second Amendment Rights:
Lift the ban on guns and gun magazines
Enforce the proper placement of medical and mental health records into background checking systems.
allowance of concealed carry permits in all states.
Promotion of Project Exile: if a felon uses a gun to commit a crime, they'll be prosecuted and upon conviction will go to prison for five years with no possibility of parole or early release.
Tax Reforms:
reduce the seven current tax brackets to three.
Increase tax deductions.
Repeal Obama care, and therefore the 3.8% tax rate on investment income it has.
Repeal the death tax.
Lower the business tax rate from 35% to 15%.
Reduce the costs of child care for working mothers.
By Regan Roach and Emma Pfortmiller
Donald Trump Campaign Video:
Hillary Clinton Campaign Video:
I'm With
Stronger Together
What Sets Donald Trump Apart?
Unlike other candidates, Donald Trump is in no way a politician. None of his previous job experience deals with politics, which he uses to say that he can bring something "new" and non-corrupt to Washington.
In a way, Trump's survival tool is his outrageous and flamboyant way of getting his point across. Upon saying controversial things (like that of building a wall across the Mexican borderline), he brings intense media coverage to himself and to his campaign to allow for the possibility of more support with more people listening to him. During the primary election, Trump accumulated 62% of the republican party's media coverage throughout the whole primary process all by himself, leaving only 38% of media coverage for all other candidates combined. Thus, his bombastic and controversial opinions were what secured him the republican nomination, and are what continue to raise him in the polls for the general election.

Donald Trump Supporters
The major
supporters of the Trump Campaign include but are not limited to:
Newt Gingrich- former U.S. Representative
John Daly- professional golfer
Herschel Walker- former NFL player
Mike Tyson- professional boxer
Rudy Giuliani- former New York City mayor, in office during 9/11 attacks
Each of these people have publicly announced their support of Donald Trump. From each of their reasons, what can be gathered is that they either see him as a "good friend" of theirs and therefore automatically endorse him, or approve of his business ideas and his plans to fix the broken American economy. Some have also come out to speak against the allegations of Trump being racist.

The major
supporters of the Trump Campaign include but are not limited to:
Lending Tree LLC ($102,615)
XPO Logistics ($31,395)
Murray Energy ($187,538)
JW Child's Association ($100,250)
Renaissance Technologies ($15,510,800)
Energy Capital Partners ($55,400)
The general republican public with small donations (donations go from $35 to $1,000 per person)
Although they hadn't specified their reasons for donating, each of these companies agree with trump's moderate republican policies and wish to further his political career. In total,
Trump has accumulated $127.6M in campaign donations alone.

Political Beliefs (Hillary Clinton)
Explanation of Campaign Ad:
In this video, Donald Trump emphasizes his past, and how his job experience and his knowledge of the American economy because of it will allow him to fix the country's economy. This video also serves to showcase himself as a Samaritan, as people working with him previously and currently speak on behalf of his generous donations/contributions and his acceptance of all people. He is said to -in the video- base his employee decisions off of their work ethic and dedication, not by what they look like or who they are. He is compared to Ronald Reagan, the 40th president who was admired and loved by both parties, in the way that he will bring "hope" back to the American people. Lastly, he resonates with Republican as he is said to be fully able to create new jobs and is pro law enforcement.
Background (Education):
She attended Wellesley College from 1965 to 1969, then moved onto Yale Law School from 1969 to 1973. She then spent one year at the Yale Child Study Center.

Religious Background:
Hillary Clinton was raised Methodist

Previous Jobs:
Senator from 2001 to 2009
Speaker of the House from 2009 to 2013
Runner-Up in Democratic Primaries of 2008

The original campaign slogan of Hillary Clinton puts emphasis on the fact that she is a woman who is running for president.

Her new slogan, issued on August 8, 2016, emphasizes the value of togetherness and unity that she wants to convey.
About The Campaign Slogan
Twitter Handle: @HillaryClinton

She mainly uses her Twitter to get the word out to a younger demographic that would not necessarily be following the news on television too closely or watching her speeches in their busy lives. She speaks about issues that are important to her, and rallies support from like-minded people.

Major Supporters:
1. Paloma Partners - $11,111,100
2. Saban Capital Group - $10,041,246
3. Renaissance Technologies - $9,521,500
4. Pritzker Group - $8,323,257
5. Soros Fund Management - $7,043,700

Though none of these donors have realeased why they are supporting Hillary, it can be inferred that they are in agreement with her policies and stances of particular issues.
Total Amount Raised:
National Defense:
-Strengthen our economy so we can be stronger overseas
-Create a solid plan for confronting terrorists
-Stay with our allies

-Keep families together
-Make it easier to gain citizenship
-Reform the entire system
-Only deport those with criminal records
Health Care:
-Make health care programs more accessible
-Decrease the cost of perscription medication and out-of-pocket fees
-Expand the Affordable Care Act

-Full Federal equality for LGBT Americans
-Promote human rights of LGBT people around the world
-Protect transgender rights

Disability Rights
-Improve access to employment for disabled Americans
-Provide tax relief for families or individuals with chronic diseases or disabilities
-Expand support for Americans with disabilities
-Make it possible for disabled people to live in integrated community housing
-Ensure that all children are able to go to school with the necessary accommodations
Donald J. Trump versus Hillary Rodham Clinton
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