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Real World Writing Purposes

No description

Michele Rogers

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Real World Writing Purposes

an article explaining about a girl who discovered dinosaurs
The writer will...
...state a main point and purpose.
...try to present the information in a surprising way

example: how tos, informing the reader about a topic, or explaining something
Inform and Explain
article about Sydney who was injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing
The writer...

...expresses or reflects on his or her own life and experiences. (express)
...often looks backward in order to look forward. (reflect)

Express and Reflect
movie and book reviews
The writer...
...focuses on the worth of person, object, idea, or other phenomenon.
...usually specifies the criteria to the object being seen as "good" or "bad."

example: review of a product
Evaluate and Judge
Real World Writing Purposes
Fill in your chart as we go through the presentation.
article exploring origin of political parties
The writer...
...wrestles with a question or problem.
...hooks with the problem and lets the reader watch them wrestle with it.

Explores burning questions such as, "Will the lunch room food be better this year?" "Will the Braves make it to the World Series?"

Explores questions like, "How does ________ influence people's behavior?" or topics he or she finds disturbing.
Inquire and Explore
Analyze and Interpret
analyze a painting
The writer...
...seeks to analyze and interpret topics that are difficult to explain or understand.

some questions the articles might answer are- "Who is to blame for _______? " What's the connection?" "What will happen when/ if_____?"
5 Ways to Take a Stand Against Bullying
The writer...
...seeks to persuade audiences to accept a particular position on a controversial issue.
...describes the problem, proposes a solution, and provides justification.

An example of a topic...5 Things You can Do to ______
Take a Stand/ Propose a Solution
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