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Smartphone Security

No description

Christopher Grimm

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Smartphone Security

Mobile Security Protecting Your Pocket Computer Mobile Security The importance of cell phone, smartphone and tablet security grows every day. Everyone continues to rely more on their mobile device and continually increases the amount of information, including work-related, stored within it. This, in turn, increases the desirability of these devices to criminals. The largest risk is the loss or theft of the actual device.

In addition to keeping track of it, you should also enable screen-lock using either a PIN, password, or pattern. The "Find and Call" app would upload all contacts from the phone and then send a message (appearing to be from the phone's owner) to them telling them to download the app. Known threat: Then, using the phone's GPS, it would upload where that person was located to the server.

The criminal now knew where the victim was. Please be aware though, that it is possible for thieves/hackers to get around this screen lock.

Let's look at other precautions you should take. The second largest threat comes from the apps you buy or download for free -Look at user reviews, as this can be a first alert of a harmful program

-During install, don't just click yes to all. Limit the app's access if it doesn't need it. Utilize an overall security app. Most phones come with one, but make sure to enable it and set it up.
If it doesn't, currently the best-rated apps are Avast! Mobile Security (Android) & Lookout (iPhone). Utilize a Security App. Security apps can allow you to:

- prevent malware from being
- track your phone if lost/stolen
- wipe all info from it if lost/stolen
- back-up info to a server
- even emit a siren from the
phone Any services or apps not being used at any given time, such as GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

This limits ways a thief can access your phone & also conserves battery. Turn-off Just the same as with your laptop, never connect to any unknown connections Wi-Fi Get apps only through well-known sites or stores such as Google Play (Android) & the App Store (iPhone) Be careful of scanning these, as they can contain malware. If you do like to scan them often, get the "Norton Snap QR Code Reader" app to protect you. QR Codes Write down the IMEI and ESN numbers found on the manufacturer's box or under the battery.
This can possibly help recover a lost or stolen phone. Keep a Record Do not store or keep any personal or ISAC information or files such as documents, photos, passwords, etc. Sensitive Information Many mobile security apps give you the option to pay for encryption.
This will encrypt all of the documents on your phone making them unreadable to a thief. Encryption Follow the same rules that you already know about email, with email and texts accessed through your phone such as not clicking on links or open attachments that you are not expecting. Email/Text Keep all storage media secure - such as microSD memory or SIM cards. Media Storage If you have any questions regarding mobile Security, Questions? Please contact:
- ISAC Helpdesk

-Senoy Kavalackal
-Greg Bilobran ext. 2444 or
isac.helpdesk@isac.illionois.gov Therefore it is just as important, if not more than your computer, to keep secure.

Especially if you utilize your mobile device for work as well. The best way to view your mobile devices, even your smartphone, is as a portable computer WITH additional tracking technology. Summary Movie time...
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