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Festival Sanctus

No description

Phine Mejias

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Festival Sanctus

Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth (Holy Lord, God of hosts)
Hosanna Deo, hosanna in excelsis! (Glory to God in the highest)
Benedictus qui venit (Blessed is he who comes)
In nominee Domine Dei (In the name of the Lord)
Sanctus sanctus sanctus Domine deus (Holy, holy, holy, Lord)
Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria tua (The heavens and earth are full of your glory)
Hosanna in excelsis Deo! (Glory to God in the highest)
Festival Sanctus
Describe what the song is about:
John Leavitt: Born on 1956 in Leavenworth, Kansas.
* Lifelong member of the American Choral Directors Association
* Currently a Professor of Music at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas.
* Continues to teach, lecture, and conduct in numerous workshops and festivals.
* Received his Doctorate of Musical Arts from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
* In March, 2003, Leavitt received the Kansas Artist Fellowship Award due to his contribution to music composition.
*His music has been performed in 30 countries and his recordings has been heard nationally in public radio stations.
Sanctus is a hymn from Catholic liturgy. In Western Christianity, the Sanctus forms part of the Ordinary and is sung as the final words of the prayer of consecration of the bread and wine. The preface usually concludes with words describing the praise of the worshippers joining with the angels, who are pictured as praising God with the words of the Sanctus.
Festival Sanctus is a different version of a sanctus composed by John Leavitt. This piece was written for the 1988 International Choral Symposium, University of Missouri-Kansas City.
Give any history about the piece:
Festival Sanctus by John Leavitt is a great festival song in that it has an exciting and joyous dynamic. Its syncopated rhythms and changing meters, combined with the great piano part, make this a unique piece. In the beginning, it is bell like, slower tempo at 120 beats per minute. The speed increase to 138 beats per minute in the 14th measure and stays at that pace for the rest of the song. In our music sheet, we are looking at an S.A.B. (Soprano, Alto and Baritone) voice and piano. It is in 4/4 time. It has many repetitive lyrics and notes.
Describe the song in musical terms
YouTube Video
Language: Originally in Latin but some words have Hebrew origin
Composed by John Leavitt
The song is praising God and all of his creation: heaven and the Earth. It also explains that the the people who are sent to heaven by God are blessed.
"Festival Sanctus" is a very soft, angelic, and religious piece that is often sung in Catholic churches.
Describe the mood:
Phine and Faith Mejias
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