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Australian Media Industry

No description

Matt Yorio

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Australian Media Industry

Australian Media Industry Media Ownership Interview with Callan McAuliffe Editor in Chief - GQ Australia 1986 - $328 Mil 2001 - $179 Mil 1995 - $254 Mil University of Southern California
Professor of Finance and Business Economics Decline of the Film Industry First Feature Film 1906 Australian Blockbusters 2006 - $384 Mil 2008 - $211 Mil Australians in Hollywood Government Support
(The New Wave) 2012 Australian Box Office Australian Singles That Reached #1 in the US Primary Record Labels Major Radio Conglomerate Operating in the Australian Market Interview with Nicholas Smith Interview with David Solomon Political and Economic Impact of Media Conglomerates in Australia Public/Government Contributed Major Film Studios 40 Cinema Complexes
369 Screens
Largest Independent Film Distributer in Australia 20 Cinema Complexes
85 Screens
Primarily in Melbourne Joint Venture: Australian Theaters and Village Roadhouse
221 Screens in Australia
Australia, Greece, United States 68% have been to cinema in past 12 months
An average of 6.8 times
Average price $12.87
85 Million Tickets
$1.1 Billion Box Office Total 2011:
45 Million
3.9% Market Share Piracy 19,104,047 Illegal Downloads
-Not in top 5 for downloads, but worst per capita
Cost Australia $1.3 Billion
37% Increase in Digital Sales Digital Sales:
-75 Million Units
-$140 Million

Physical Sales:
-32 Million
-$242 Million Spend an average of 2.5 Hours of TV per day 2.8 Million Viewers
40.7% Share $100,000 an episode
$800,000 to produce on Australian Episode Cable and Satellite Providers 11.7 Million Australians on Facebook
Accounts for 55% of the population -Introduced to Australia and New Zealand in 2007
-11 Million unique views per month
-Average Australia watches 10 hours of video per month -2002 with Dark Reign and Jusrassic Park
-Made $1.96 Billion in revenue in 2009 (more than the box office totals)
-Over 120 game development companies in Australia
-Rely heavily on US distribution, so when the economy went into a recession the gaming business stopped seeing as much growth
-Went from 47% growth from 2008 - 2009 to only about 4% thereafter
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