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Pop Music Presentation

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Grace Micallef

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Pop Music Presentation

By: Grace Davey Pop Music Where did it originate from? Who are the performers? Key Elements in this genre What instruments are used? The Culture of Pop Music More Info About Pop Pop music originated from Britain in the late 50's around the same time as the rock n' roll era. Some performers that sing this type of music are The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, and ABBA. A modern singer example would be Katy Perry. The purpose of this genre is to grasp the attention of the audience. Instead of worrying about meaningful lyrics they worry about having an upbeat and fast rhythm that people will enjoy. This genre is mostly targeted for younger audiences like ourselves. This music is supposed to keep us energetic and the music is supposed to give us a feeling of wanting to dance. Pop music was formed by using vocal techniques from gospel and soul music, while the instrumental music was taken from genres like jazz, country, and rock. The tempo of pop was taken from dance music and the rhythmic elements from hip hop. To make this style easier to sing, in 1940 a new type of microphone was created to allow a more intimate singing style. The availability of TV happened in the 1950's so more people could watch pop singers and pop singers could get more noticed. In the 1960's, portable radio's were invented so then teenagers could listen to pop music when they were out. Pop music was dominant in American and British music industry's in 1960, but other countries also sung pop. They were known as "local pop artist." In the early 1980's, music television channels made pop artist like Madonna and Michael Jackson more popular (an example of a channel is MTV). The main instruments that are used in this genre are electric guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboard, and piano. Examples of Pop Music
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