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Taylor Collins !

on 30 May 2013

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Character The main character in the novel 2 days is Neema Powell. She is sixteen years old and was always the best looking girl in her school. Sometimes people referred to her as Beyoncé because she had a body others would kill for, also because of her caramel brown skin. Her hair was always in the newest styles and makeup to show off her big brown eyes. Neema is very independent. After going through this tragic experience of being kicked out of her own home, she has learned to take on her own responsibilities and has learned to look after herself . For example Neema took some of her belongings when she left home, she was responsible for that and she knew what would be important to take with her. Like "emergency items." Neema is also very sensitive. For example when her mother made her leave home, Neema showed a lot of emotion and how sensitive she really is. Some other event when this occurred were when her boyfriend couldn't let her stay at his home anymore and when her boyfriend broke up with her because they couldn't hang out. She isn't used to all of these problems in her life so I guess they really got to her and struck her hard. Neema really took all of this into offense and took it against her. All of these things really made her upset and showed she really cared which leads me to my next point. Neema is a very caring person. When Neema found out she was having a baby, she wasn't sure about keeping her at first, but after thinking about it she realized that she couldn't do that to a poor child and she really started to cared about the baby a lot. She loved her. She wanted the baby to grow up and have a good life. When her Mother supported the fact that Neema was pregnant, she really cared and this made her very happy. I think that if Neema and her Mother didn't make up and forgive each other, Neema would have been really dissapointed, which is also another point of how Neeema is so sensitive. Setting An Independent Novel Study Conflict The conflict in this novel is mostly Neema against society in my opinion. Neema just got kicked out of her house.... By her own Mother! Got dumped by her boyfriend and all at the same time she is pregnant! Neema has so much to deal with at this stressful time in her life. I think the main conflict is Neema against society because it seems like the world is against her. Nothing is going her way and she must face the troubles shes having to deal with. Many people are involved in the conflict in Neema's life. For example her Mother, who kicked her out in the first place. Her Mother's sleasy, disgusting boyfriend who caused the whole incident by trying to touch Mia's breasts. Mia's boyfriend, Nate who is there for her at first, but then he can't let her stay with him anymore. As a result of this they cannot hangout as often and he dumps her. Last but not least her Aunt Amina, who has helped her all along and provided her with a place to live. Mia is struggling with everything and we see her go through so much. She has no one to turn to, no one who can help her with every little struggle she must overcome. I think in the end the conflict is resolved because her and her Mother are on a fresh page and have started a new beginning. She has gotten over her boyfriend and no longer needs him. Her baby is born and she now has a happy family. All of her problems have been resolved. Even though Nate wants no part of this baby, Neema and Mia are happy and that's all that matters. Neema, Neema's Mother, her Aunt Amina and Mia are living together very happily and there seems to be no struggles in Neemas life anymore. I think she has grown so much from the challenges she faced and learned a lot of life lessons. Plot In the novel 2 Days, there are many big events that occur, such as when Neema's Mother kicks her out of the house. Nate dumps Neema and starts going out with another girl named Bella. Neema discovers that she is pregnant. Mike and Neema develope a very close friendship, Mike helps her with everything shes dealing with. Neema tells her Mother that she is pregnant. Neema finally has the baby and realizes that she is going to have to change her lifestyle if she is going to be a good Mother. In the novel 2 days by L.B. Tillit, Neema Powell gets kicked out of her house by her own Mother, when her moms boyfriend tries to make a move on her. Neema must find another place to stay. She starts off staying with her boyfriend, but his parents aren't fond of that idea. So they tell her she must find another place to stay. Neema decides to stay with her Aunt Amina. With all of this happening in her life, she also has the stress of school.. In which she has been falling asleep in class. With all of this, Nate, Neema's boyfriend.... Or should I say her ex, dumps her. Not long after this Neema finds out that she is pregnant!!! With Nate's baby!!!!! Neema decides to keep the baby, even though Nate doesn't want anything to do with them. Neema becomes very close with Mike, a boy from her class and they help each other with a lot! In the end Neema must tell her Mother that she is pregnant... So when the time is right Neema tells her Mother the big news. Her Mother isn't exactly happy, but she still supports her daughter and provides her with help when she needs it! Neema's Mother dumps her sleazy boyfriend and comes to live with Aunt Amina as well. Neema finally has her baby, she has a beautiful little girl and names her Mia. Neema quickly learns she needs to change her lifestyle if she wants to take care of her child. Neema becomes a great Mother and lives a very happy balanced life between friends, family and school! Which I think, is just what every teenager needs! Theme The theme in this novel is most certainly family. The main message is that your family and friends will always be there for you when you need them. This message was shown in the novel when Neema got pregnant. 16 is a very early age to become pregnant and it proved who Neema's real friends were. Her Aunt Amina helped Neema through everything. She provided her with a place to stay, good advice when it was needed most and so much more! Neema's friends were also there for her. Neema was getting dirty glares at school for becoming pregnant at such a young age, but her friends stayed by her side no matter what people where saying about her. This really proved that they were true friends. Also Neema's Mother. Even though they went through a tough time, Neema and her mom came together in the end and I think they made each other stronger and their relasionship grew a lot! Her Mother became pregnant at an early age as well and Neema's dad left. So Neema's Mother can really relate and help her in this situation. I think that through this whole chapter in Neema's life, she became a lot stronger thanks to her friends and family. Even though they may have been tough on her at times they were by her side the whole time and thats what counts. By: L.B . Tillit 2 Days By: Taylor Collins 8-7 This novel takes place in the present time. It starts on New Year's Day and continues on from there to about around May. The events that occur in this novel take place at Neema's house, at her school, at her boyfriend's house and her Aunt Amina's house. I know this book takes place in the present day specifically because of the early pregnancy, but also many other things such as the school, Neema's personality, her friends, the parties, etc. An early pregnancy wouldn't of happened if this was written in the past as it was very rare to carry a baby under he age of about 20.
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