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Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie

No description

Vivian Payne-Tignor

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie

Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie Hattie Campbell`s family is moving to Oregon.

They will be traveling the Oregon trail by a wagon pulled by: horses, mules and oxen.

After they took a riverboat to Independence, Missoura they traded their horses for mules to pull their wagon a lot better. The journey 3 . The Journey hometown Missoura The Journey 2 characters Hattie
Mrs. Bigg
Mrs. Kenchker
Mr. Kenchker
Mountain man
extras... Once they got deeper into Independence, Missoura
they met a mountain man who told them every basic
thing they needed to know about traveling through
the Oregon trail. They thought he would be good as
their travel leader.
Hattie has made a friend! She is one year old then Hattie her name is Pepper Lewis she has a twin named Wade. Camped near Hattie is a very fat!!! lady. Her husband doesn't even have legs.

They are crossing the first river in the path. Now they are at the Big Blue River. They almost fell in the water!

The twins are lost and Hattie is so frantic. The twins parents are very worried. Tall Joe and Pa are leading a search party for them. In the morning Hattie wakes up feeling really bad from falling asleep to frantic parents talking. Ma is already up and told Hattie that the twins have not- been found yet. The parents of the twins said that everyone else should move on. Everyone agreed so they moved on without them. But Hattie did not agree. Sshe did not want to move on without pepper, but pa put his strong arm around Hattie`s shoulder and said they insisted. She knew what he meant. So they started going again. As they got further and further toward Oregon their feet got achier and their clothes got dirtier. They finally got to a 7th resting spot and when they woke, Hattie went out for a while and found Pepper and Wade! She told them everything that had happened after they left. They were so amazed that everyone thought they were dead or lost.

When they got back to camp everyone was so happy. They were so glad to see them.They past many more rivers and they met indians and finally reached their last resting point. They are almost there.

Soon they met another boy that was Peppers age and after a while he proposed. They were then to be married... Oregon Hattie said It is so beautiful here in Oregon. There are so many trees. Everyone is either in their wagons or in tents until there is the right amount of resources to build houses for everyone that has come to Oregon with them. They managed to get the right amount of supplies to make the Campbell`s house. And there was a tent behind it that Pepper and her husband live in so there dream is technically true.

Finally everyone is settled in and their houses are ready to go by Christmas. The Campbell`s have a Christmas party and they invite everyone that were on the trail with them. The Ending Hattie ended up marring Wade and Mrs. Kenchker died in her home by heart-attack .

the end!!!!!!!!!!!
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