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The Canterbury Tales: The Friar

No description

Sarah O'Donnell

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales: The Friar

Brief Background The Canterbury Tales: The Friar Duties: Description of Friar Personality Segment of medieval society The Canterbury Tales is based on a story which the Chaucer expresses his thoughts on different people. The friar is one of the people he talks about. In the Canterbury Tales, The Friar is a roaming priest who goes to different towns in exchange for his needs. Chaucer also mentions how The Friar accepted bribes from people. People in the town show respect and honor to the Friar. One of the most interesting things about him we came across was that he had a special license from the Pope and he was also able to hear peoples confessions. Beg for certain things that he needed, Example of that would be florins ( coins). During the medieval period the Friar would always take coins in response to the advice he gave. To give his earnings to aid their struggle for livelihood He fixed up marriages. Live among the poor. The Friar is a roaming priest with no ties to a
monastery ( living under religious vows).
He was very friendly to young women and
rich men.
He gave pocket knives to pretty girls
( Lines 237- 238)
"And certainly his voice was gay and sturdy,
for he sang well and played the hurdy-gurdy"
( lines 239-240)
In this tale Chaucer describes him greedy,
selfish and a beggar. White strong neck
Threadbare habit
Threadbare- adj. (of cloth, clothing, or soft furnishings) Becoming thin and tattered with age
Sturdy voice The Friar is a member of the church, a type of religious order created to counteract the luxurious life that the accumulation of wealth had allowed to develop in convents and monasteries, but he personifies the faults attributed to members of his own calling--the ability to live by his wits, even at the expense of the spiritual well-being of people under his care. My thoughts about Chaucer's description of the Friar The Friar’s duties were to live among the poor, to beg on their behalf and to give his earnings to aid their struggle for livelihood. However, Chaucer allows the reader to see the true character of the Friar. The Friar seems to have many ways to woo women with sweet words and his crafty tongue. Summary of the Friar's tale
The Friar's Tale tells of an archdeacon who boldly carried out the Church's laws against fornication, witchcraft and lechery(sexual desire). Lechers received the greatest punishment, forced to pay significant tithes to the church. The archdeacon had a summoner who was quite adept at discovering lechers, even though he himself was immoral. Friars, the Friar says, are out of the jurisdiction of summoners, and at this point, the Summoner interrupts the Friar's Tale, disagreeing. The Host allows the Friar to continue his tale, and he immediately continues to attack summoners.
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