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Advertising, Media, and Body Image

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Jessy Frydenberg

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Advertising, Media, and Body Image

Did You Know?
Ideological State Apparatus
Body Shaming
"The Perfect Body"
Cameron Russell - TED Talk
Media's Effect on Teen Girl's Body Image
What are the long term effects?
Less self-confidence
Forget what real beauty is
Leads to psychological problems that cause self-harm
Young girls and boys look to these distorted perceptions of beauty which promotes low self esteem

Advertising & Body Image
Elina Barahona, Harrison Kunz, Jessica Frydenberg
Everyone get into a line from shortest to tallest!
1. The Golden Ratio
Gender, Advertising, and
Representations of Gender
Dehumanization of men and women --> Making people into "things"
The Science of
2. Socialization
Believe it or not beauty is loosely based on scientific number!
Cross-cultural surveys show that most cultures have the same perceptions of facial beauty --> all came down to 3.618 & the number's proportions found on the face
Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models
Phi --> 3.618
We grow up learning what is deemed beautiful & what is deemed 'normal' based on our race, class, gender, culture & even the era in which we grew up
The Importance
of Appearance
The Theory of Unconscious Body Image
The Science of
The Science of
3. Globalization
Do you think that there is an increased sharing or integration of beauty ideals and body shape norms across the world?
What are some examples
that you can think of?
Are men exploited as much as women in today's media?
Important to look a certain way --> not only in your body shape/size but also in your mannerisms and behaviors
Thank you for your undivided attention!
"They aren't YET but if you watch new movies and TV shows, you'd be surprised at the way men are being presented. Men are now required to have the perfect 10 body in most movies and scenes and choreography is showing them as more of sex items than, say, ten years ago. Because the media finally realized women too are visually stimulated (meaning we do love to see the parade of hot male flesh before us), they're now putting out images of hot, barely dressed men in movies and even advertisements. Instead of reducing the "sex object" image of women, they're pulling men down into the same
Women are used to sell almost anything and everything
It has almost become a necessity to get noticed
Other Media Outlets
Music: Nicki Minaj; Colbie Caillat
Social Media
Film: Mean Girls
Giving consent to certain power structures
of certain beliefs
A certain body image and shape becomes commonsensical
Did You Know?
What percentage of movies/shows/TV ads comment on females' bodies and looks? Males' bodies and looks?
What percentage of heterosexual men compare their physique to those of models, athletes, & film stars?
What percentage of 10-year old girls have tried a diet?
What percentage of 17 year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies? 17 year-old boys?

Buzzfeed - Cosmopolitan - Huffingtonpost - Daily Mail
Dehumanization of Women's Bodies
role. In 10 years I'm willing to bet men will be exploited as objects just as much as women are now."
Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.
- How someone or something looks like
Characteristics of a good leader, a good model, or simply a good person
Notion that negative perceptions of one’s own body such as a perception that they are fat, can in some cases lead to mental disorders (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.)
Isabelle Caro, the Modeling Industry & Campaigns vs Anorexia
Are there universal advertisements that depict beauty or one's body in a certain way?
Fast food Chains (McDs, Burger King, etc.)
Knowing the path we are going down, to what point will we allow these deceiving beauty ideals and images, depicted in the media and advertising, to dictate the way we perceive ourselves and others?
When Is Enough,
Characteristics that a society/culture deem as masculine or feminine
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