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Zeta Tau Alpha

Only the Best get Crowned <3

alexis jacobsen

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Zeta Tau Alpha

6 payments for the year (max $5000 total)
T shirts, house, food, events
3.0 GPA for all events and to be a ZTA
We have a point system for:
All social events
To live in the house
To be a member
attend IM games, philanthropies, service events, Panhellenic events, be in an outside activity, hold leadership positions, and more SERVICE ACADEMICS REQUIREMENTS GREEK LIFE SISTERHOOD One hour of study time required at the house a week
3.0 GPA just to stay a member
3.0 GPA to attend any social function
We form Study Sessions at Strozier *at least every night in almost any subject
Private Tutors (sisters )
Many girls in each major (Marketing, Nursing, Law, Biology, Dietetics, Teacher, etc. )
We support:
Relay for Life
Greek Week
All Philanthropies
Tallahassee Clean
We put on:
Crown Classic
Race to Live
Cooking for the Cure
ZTA King Pageant
Couch Time
Formal Meetings
Trip to Rez
House on College Ave with view of wescott
Required 3.0 GPA to attend
Rotate Fraternities for
every event
Must pass theme and activities through national ZTA board
Have to take bus to and
from events
Have list of all of our ages at functions
Must have insurance
Most girls in ZTA pay for it themselves and have multiple jobs
You can not be banded over at a ZTA event if you are under
No Boys are allowed in our house except for kitchen staff (only in the kitchen)
3rd highest sorority GPA 2010
2nd place in Line dance 2010
3rd place cheers for charity 2010
Best Philanthropy 2010
Highest Campus Activity involvement
We think living so close to pots is annoying!!!
The rest is a secret.... :)
Zeta Tau Alpha is a Fraternity becuase we are founded by women that came up with their own ways and secrets were other female groups were based off of a male fraternity group which is called a sorority. Fraternity just means a group found by the same sex of the group now and was originial.
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