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No description

Bethany Bishop

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Thanksgiving.

Angela, Bethany,
Nancy, Tracy Thanksgiving Native Americans Area surrounding site of
first Thanksgiving was home to
Wampanoag people English Protestants breaking away
from the Church of England The Settlers Celebrates American Heritage Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Day after Thanksgiving Black Friday Eat delicious food 12,000 years Knew the land well Hunted, fished, harvested for thousands of generations Sail across the Atlantic
to settle in a "New World" Mayflower Women, men, and children 66 days Deer, corn, shellfish, & roasted meat 2 4 5 Settling & Exploring Squanto
(Member of Wampanoag Tribe) Formal Agreement March 1621 First Celebration Celebration
of good harvest November 1621 Plymouth Played ball games, sang, and danced 1623 Give thanks to God 2 month drought Declaration 1863 Abraham Lincoln General Blessings School Traditions Children Dress Up Put on Plays Make Decorations Started in 1924 New York City Starts at 9am 3hrs long Live performances Marching Band Televised Giant Floats & Balloons Football American Football Dates back to 1876 National
Football League NFL 3 NFL games
played every
Thanksgiving Detroit Lions Dallas Cowboys Stores open early Large Crowds Busiest shopping day of the year American Tradition Can be violent Family Traditions Say prayer before dinner Give thanks Watch football Watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Cont. Play games Plan shopping trip for Black Friday Eat! Food Symbolizes our thanks to the world Significant difference between first Thanksgiving & today Today's Favorites Turkey Stuffing H A M Turducken Mashed Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Cranberry Green Bean Casserole Rolls Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Give Thanks Spend time with family Starts the countdown to Christmas
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