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Role of Women

No description

Kaitlyn M

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Role of Women

Women began to smoke and party, and drink in public.
Women stayed unmarried longer and some never got married.
The unmarried women had more money and began to get cars. Women had success in politics ; they won their rights to vote from the 19th amendment but there interest faded after-wards.
By 1928 there was 145 women in thirty-eight legislatures Jessie Ratkowski, Kaitlyn Meiste, Allison Parker Role of Women in the 1920's Women in Politics Women in the Workforce More started going to college but were payed less and worked at lower position then men
Popular jobs women went to college for would be a teacher, nurse and librarian.
They broke the stereotypes of jobs once held by men.
By 1930, 10 million women were earning wages.
between 1900 and 1930 patterns of discrimination and inequality were established. Women were wearing skirts above the knee, and wear wearing stockings.
Their cloths went from covering everything but 10% of their body to covering everything but 25% of their body.
Women began to wear make-up.
Women cut their hair short. They went to men barber shops.
They also colored their hair black. What women did in their social life What women did at home Introduction Women's Fashion Roles of women in the house and in the work force Social lives and opinions FASHION Politics Social and technological innovations changed the household labor and family life.
Stores were stocked with already made clothes, sliced bread, and canned foods.
Births declined for several years because of the availability of birth-control.
Many middle class housewives stayed at home Conclusion 1920's Women Modern Women Dresses and skrts higher than the knee
More women began working and going to school
Few women were involved in politics
Smoking and drinking was popular for women Can wear jeans and a t-shirt
Almost all girls/ women go to school and most work
Many women get involved with the politics
Trends of smoking and drinking are not as bold 1920's women Women Today http://www.history.com/topics/roaring-twenties/photos# http://www.oodora.com/fashion/fashion-history/1920s-fashion.html
The Americans (History book)
Student Handout Work Sited
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