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No description

Tom Truong

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Atlantis

Our Artefact
Poseidon was the ruler of the island of Atlantis, according to Plato's writings. He fell in love with a mortal woman, who gave birth to five sets of twins all to be the next generation's rulers. Poseidon's weapon is a trident. That is why we decided to make a trident as our artefact.

Where was it located?
In Plato's writings Atlantis was said to not only be abundant in wildlife, but to also be abundant with fruits, herbs and nuts. These were most likely to be part of the Atlantean's diet.

There was two great canals in the island, one which was used to collect water to drink from the surrounding streams and rivers.
Transport System
How it Disappeared
One rumour of how Atlantis disappeared is that after Atlantis performed a failed invasion at Athens, the island started sinking. It took one whole day and night to sink, in other words, 24 hours.

Another rumour is that for generations the Atlanteans lived a simple life. That slowly began to change. The Atlanteans soon became greedy. The gods decided the most suitable punishment was to swallow them into the sea.
Atlantis, is a controversial topic discussed among historians and western philosophers for nearly 2,400 years.

Some look deeply into Plato's description of Atlantis as a powerful and advanced kingdom that sank in 24 hours around 9600 B.C. However, to some Plato's story is just a myth.

So, is Plato's only recording of Atlantis a real civilization or just a legend?
What is Atlantis

Tommy Truong

Jasmin Young


Lawrence Chau

Two of Plato's most famous dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, explain in detail about the tale of Atlantis.

Some believe it was a wealthy and dignified nation, spoilt with exotic wildlife and in abundance of gold, silver and other rare metals. They believe it was supported by a great city located in the center of the island.

To others, the story was simply a myth and a waste of time.

This is the Animoto we made - (insert animoto link here)
In Atlantis's legend, it was said that two canals were carved throughout the island. One was apparently for transport and was probably the main type of transport.
In the 2,400 years that the Atlantis legend has been discussed, people have guessed nearly all the places in the world this great city could hve been. Point to any place on a map and people have said that they thought that Atlantis was in that spot. However, the most common place that people have guessed is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our presentation. Atlantis is indeed a mysterious place. But whether you believe it exists is up to you. Please enjoy our Animoto.
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