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How to Travel:

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Natalia Dommers

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of How to Travel:

Myths of Traveling:
1. Traveling is expensive and only for rich retired people

2. Leaving America is dangerous

3. As long as I have an ID card I can travel anywhere

4. Most foreigners hate Americans
Now that the myths have been busted...
I'm hoping all the possible fears of traveling are gone!

Now to the good stuff...of traveling the world for as free as it can get and stress free!
1. Traveling is not expensive if you take advantage of all the thousands of student discounts for trains, planes and ferries. Also most museums are free with a student card. Now is the time to travel! All you need is to book ahead because last minute planning is expensive
2. Leaving America is not dangerous and there are many other countries much safer than America. As long as you always tell someone where you are going and for how long, you will be fine. Also know where your closest embassy is. Traveling with a travel buddy is always a plus for safety.
3. If you are planning on traveling in the United States this is fine but if you are planning on going to a foreign country a PASSPORT is necessary.

If you already have a passport make sure it is not expired as they only last 10 years.
Most foreigners LOVE Americans, especially the French. Since most of our TV shows are adored abroad we are very interesting people to them.

A tip to make foreigners love you even more is to show interest in them and their culture, learning a few phrases will really delight them!
Networking is the most important thing you can do to make traveling as cheap as possible because if you know people from all around the world, you get to deduct the biggest cost in traveling...HOTELS!

There are many ways to network, but first you have to step outside of your comfort zone and forget shyness...
On couchsurfing.org you set up an account for free and can set up to be a host, couch seeker or both. The beauty of this website is you can see people with reviews and you can even get certified for a small fee. Most couch surfers let you stay for free and just enjoy the exchanging of cultures & giving local tours of their city.
Starting the Planning:
-Decide on the location(s)

-If out of the country, make sure your passport is with you in a safe spot and not expired

-Estimate the time frame and money needed. ALWAYS have at least $2,000 over the estimate in case of emergencies

- Set a goal for an amount saved monthly toward your travels

ASmallWorld.com better known as ASW is an invite-only website similar to facebook but strictly for travel and/or business. Once invited it's an instant access to the best secret parties, internship and job opportunities. You can even search discount flat rates and post your travel dates where locals will write you to show you around or just meet for a coffee. You even get an ASW card giving discounts on many hotels and shops. Getting an ASW account is easy; just network!
At the University:
There are endless ways of networking at your university!

1. Join a travel club, an International Student Association (ISA) and befriend everyone (at USC there's the Omani club, the international futbol club and ISA)

2. Join any other club that interests you allowing yourself to meet many others from not just other countries but others cities and states in your own country

3. If there's no travel club, start one!
On the Internet
The internet nowadays has endless possibilities to meet people from anywhere and from the comfort of your own home! There are many websites dedicated to people (mainly students) on a budget wanting to travel.
Now that you can network...
Where to stay?
If you can not stay for free compare prices of hostels and apartments on airbnb.com

Airbnb.com is usually cheaper and in much nicer conditions. Plus the fridge is usually stocked saving you more money and comes with the owner who is more than happy to help guide you. Airbnb is plentiful and popular just BOOK AHEAD!
Finally you have the secrets, sources and lessons from an experienced traveler
I hope these tips will save you your time, but most importantly your sanity and money!

Last but not least, I have some important tips to remember when planning your next adventure...

Once you've chosen the location(s)
-Ask everyone you know if they've gone for tips and advice

-Use ASW which has an itinerary for most cities recommending clubs, restaurants, and hotels

-post your city of travel with dates on ASW to meet up with other members traveling there and/or living there

-check the news to make sure the location(s) is still safe
Finalizing the vacation with the flight
The plane ticket is the biggest expense, but since you'll be staying with a friend, couch surfing or renting for almost nothing on airbnb it's not problem! Just don't wait!

-Plan the flight at least 6 months in advance (the more in advance the cheaper the flight)

-The best time to buy a flight is on Tuesdays and during holidays for the following holiday/break

-check for student discounts

It's Vacation Time!

Now that all your hard work and patience has payed off it's time to fly! But first some last minute checks...

-check the weather and pack accordingly a week prior

-call your bank and let them know your dates of travel and which countries

-call your cellular carrier and make sure you can use your phone there (or plan on buying a SIM card)

-double check your flight times and terminals

-weigh your bags to make sure they meet regulations

-know the currency and if your bank works with the countries' banks

Information from a travel enthusiast on traveling stress-free and debt-free

How to Travel:

Another bonus to saving money on hotels by staying with a friend is sometimes if the friend has a car, you won't need to get a taxi! Being cultured and networking really does have a big benefit!
...You can travel without lodging costs!
Don't fret! There are more solutions on saving money if networking did not work and sometimes there are no "couches" available on couchsurfing.org
If you absolutely can not and will not know anyone where you're traveling...
If you're traveling America, you're S.O.L because taxis (or your own car) are the only effective and non-sketchy method.

But in Europe you can buy student discount rail passes to travel from country to country or even just the local metro is very cheap and effective. Avoid taxis unless there's an emergency!
How to Travel?
Almost Free activities while traveling!
Don't forget, from traveling you will benefit by growing so much as an individual and gain memories and friends for a lifetime. It does take time and money, but the reward of traveling is priceless. Traveling is the investment with the highest rate of return! Now you know how to start making good investments!
Final Words & Advice
Buy cheap wine in Europe and enjoy the scenery
Meeting/ Being like Locals
Just Enjoy the View!
Explore a new beautiful beach & ocean!
Wander City Streets
more wandering...
outdoor sports
...so plan ahead !
If you don't plan ahead...
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