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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

No description

Linz Heatherson

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

By: James Dashner The Scorch Trials Setting Protagonist Conflict Theme Figurative Language The setting of my book is the U.S. in the future. The characters are in an old decaying city with
a towering mountain overlooking the abandoned buildings. In front of the city lies an open desert almost as hot as the sun, it seems. It is completely empty and lifeless and the only landform is small rocks. The characters are in a trial in this setting by a special program called WICKED, and the obstacles they face are illusions designed to kill the boys. The main protagonist of the story is a boy named Thomas. Thomas is very brave, kind, curious, protective, and loyal to the other boys he is with. Thomas always stands up for his friends and seeks revenge for his old friend, Chuck's tragic death. Thomas is a warrior and is willing to give up his life for the safety of others. The conflict in this story is character vs. fate because Thomas, the main character is told he will be killed in many different ways and he must fight to deny his fate and live on so he can save the rest of the boys he is with. In this book, a lot of predictions take place, and all the characters can do is fight through the hardships being faced, but Thomas is beginning to realize that he can change he fate of him and everyone else if only a group of desperate people is behind it all.
Another conflict is character vs. disease, because a disease known as the Flare is wiping out the entire world and making people lose their humanity and act like animals. Thomas and the other boys must fight through their trials, knowing that they, too have the disease and haven't yet had the side-effects, and save the world from this horrific disease before everyone is forever gone from the world. The theme of this book, The Scorch Trials, is courage. A group of boys are put through a trial to show their strength, and the remaining survivors after the trial ends are the strongest and, as WICKED believes, will save the whole world from this brutal, rapid-killing disease called the Flare. The boys who have remained are stronger and more courageous than the last boys who died from the first trial. To survive, the boys must show all their courage and defend their lives and the lives of others. An example of figurative language is," He was trying not to sink into the pit of panic and worry that threatened to swallow him." This sentence consists of a metaphor and personification. It is a metaphor because he compares his worry and panic to a pit that he is sinking in without using "like" or "as". It is personification because it gives his worry and panic human-like features by saying it's threatening to swallow him. Worry and panic cannot swallow or threaten. Imagery Some uses of imagery in my book are when Thomas, the main character describes the thunder around him. He says," Tendrils of lightning forked and arced across the bottom of the dark clouds, which seemed to hang only a few dozen feet above them. The acrid smell of electricity permeated the air."
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