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tony g

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of England

England this is England´s flag this is the England anthem Food this is the royal coat of arms the European Robin fashion language variety of european
and ethnic foods
for example beef potatoes By: Antonio Gonzalez
5D fish and chips national food this is the national bird people think that men in
england should wear
suits and bowler hats the england flag was officially adopted on January1,1801 The guards usually
wear black bear skin
cap a red shirt with
white strips the official language
in England is english The motto is
¨god and my right¨ timeline 500,000 B.C Europeans settle in England
6,500 B.C the bridge from europe and england floods
2,150 B.C people learn to make bronze weapons
750 B.C people start using using iron (pop. grew to 150,000 people)

500 B.C. Celtic people settle in England
40 A.D. romans settle
793 A.D vikings settle
1485 A.D. Tudors rule england
1953 A.D. Queen Elizabeth is coronized Timeline kid´s life A kid´s life in England. They go to school, they wear uniforms, and they have summer vacations. They enjoy a variety of games. For example Cricket or Rugby. As I said earlier they speak english, but they teach the kids a different type of english. As you can see it borders Wales, Scotland,
the Northern and Southern seas. Did you know.... that seels are found in some of
Englands rivers! ...or that 63 pence equal a dollar! Bibliogragpy
the currency is pound sterling the national flower is the Tudor rose Christianity is one of the most practiced religions the population of England is
about 50 million people Englands government is the
constitutional monarchy Englands literacy rate is 99%
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