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The Big Bang Theory, Doppler Effect and the red shift

Well god farted and set it alight and now we have a world!

Pavondeep Lallie

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Big Bang Theory, Doppler Effect and the red shift

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Doppler effect, Red shift and the big bang theory
(not in this order) LOTS OF THINGS!!! The Doppler effect Red shift What supports the Big Bang Theory Doppler Effect Diagram ME! The Big Bang Theory Because the universe started in a hot dense state, the
pressure built up and eventually exploded. That happened about 14billion years ago, when it first started building up. After this the universe is still expanding as well as the surrounding galaxies and planets. Astronomers have found a cosmic microwave radiation, thought to be the left over heat from the explosion. Which is a strong piece of evidence to support this case. Some people on the other hand, believe that the universe was created in 7 days by God.But the evidence for this case doesn't seem strong enough to prove it. When a sound source emits waves, that move towards or away from the observer, the size of the waves and frequency change, depending on the location of each variable. When the sound travels towards you, the frequency (pitch) would be higher, because the distance between the 2 objects will have a shorter wavelength. However if the distance was longer, the waves would be wide so the pitch would be lower. Different elements absorb different frequencies of light.
When we look at a light from a different galaxy, they are all mainly situated around the red part of the spectrum. Measurements of this shows that the galaxies are moving away from earth, therefore its the same light type in any direction we look. More distant galaxies have a greater red shift than closer ones because they are expanding quickly so the distance between galaxies is getting further. It shows
that the whole universe is constantly expanding. The red shift is a Doppler effect which showed that almost all galaxies are moving away from us (or us from them), and that the farther away a galaxy is the faster it is moving. Logically, if you "move" backwards in time (a thought experiment only) then it fits that the entire universe occupied a smaller space in the past. By calculation; at about 13.7 billion years ago it occupied only a tiny volume (of space) which must have been very hot and very energetic. The "big bang" (which must have been very small and quite silent) is just a descriptive term. The F1 car's wavelength is much
more longer so it's at a lower pitch As it goes past me the pitch goes up because the wavelength is shorter. The amplitude also goes up Thanks for listening! We hope you took some information in! Pav Lallie, Follie Hox, The Lyon
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