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The History Of Books and Their Impact On Society

No description

Manzi Tanna

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of The History Of Books and Their Impact On Society

c. 3000 BC
The History Of Books And Their Impact On Society
Early Years
Impact on Society I
Books nowadays
Impact on Society II
Early Years -
The Beginning of the Book
ca. 3100 b.C. writing with symbols was invented
Clay Tablets to keep record of good exchange
Codex = traditional form of a book
Papyrus scrolls and books from Egypt
China invented paper
everything handwritten
"Diamond Sutra" first printed book in China in 868 CE
Gutenberg - invented the printing press with replaceable letters
metal plates are commonly used in printing
1457: First color printing
Impact on Society I
historical documentation of happenings and experiences
greater exchange of information
communication got more easy
faster duplication
multiple copies of texts
more education
Books Nowadays
Improved working conditions
Faster = more
Mid-20th century-->European book production rises to over 200,000 titles per year
Variety of Books (paper, printing etc)
1971: Project Gutenberg is the first digital library
1996: There are more and more texts online
2003: e-Books are sold worldwide
2010: Apple releases the iPad with an e-book app called i-Books. --> 7 million iPads are sold
2012-2013: E-books sold in the US market collects over 3 billion in revenue
Impact on Society II
changes in the social life
highlight the work of scientists and new ideas on technologies
--> Bring the world closer!
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