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Disney Princess Movies: Views on Women

An analysis of the rhetorical strategies used in Disney Princess Movies to subliminally give their views on women.

Stephanie Dickerson

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of Disney Princess Movies: Views on Women

Disney Princess Movies: Views on Women
The Vicious Cycle
Girl decides she needs to change something about herself in order to gain true happiness or she rebels against authority figure which gets her in some sort of trouble
In the end, even if the girl has changed something about herself or made a sacrifice for love, it doesn't matter because she marries her "prince charming."
It Never Ends
We've all seen those Disney Princess Movies.
There's a girl who is being influenced by someone else or she is trying to please others
You must have a man to complete you and change something about yourself because you aren't good enough.
You must have flawless beauty and the ideal body image.
You must become subservient to men or sacrifice for love.
And after all these steps are complete, only then can you obtain true happiness
How Does Disney Show the Need for a Man?
In Mulan, even after she saves China, her grandmother still responds by saying, "Great. She brings home a sword. If you ask me, she should have brought home a man." Her story isn't complete until she has a man to complete it.
Ariel sings an entire song about wanting to be a human so she can be part of a world she doesn't even know about. She gives up being a mermaid to be with Prince Eric. Why can't Eric be a merman?
In Princess in the Frog her mother pressures her to marry and have children because she believes her daughter needs to be like her father, the family figure. "How long we talkin'? I want some grand kids." All Tiana wants is her own restaurant.
Duration of the Paper
For the rest of the paper, I plan to use these 8 movies and support my components of the role women need to play in order to be happy
What Women Need to be Happy
Any Questions?
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