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Forensic Psychology

No description

Alexandra Burney

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology
Factors that Influence Salary
Licensed clinical psychologists who focus their efforts in the legal system, both civil and criminal arenas.

Specialized Knowledge required in 3 areas:
Forensic Psychology Logo
Dr. Stephen Reich
Forensic psychologist and attorney in New York City
B.A., J.D., and M.B.A. from Columbia University
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University
Postdoctoral Fellowship from Cornell University Medical College where he later taught
Directs the Forensic Psychology Group
Testifies as expert witness in courtrooms across the U.S. (state, federal, and military martial courts)
Criminal, employment discrimination, civil, and immigration cases
Psychodiagnostic evaluations, forensic reports, and courtroom testimony
Quoted in
Time Magazine
and has been an expert commentator on radio and television
Private practice

What is Forensic Psychology?
Forensic Psychology - Salary
Firm grounding in scientific theory and empirical research
Analytical and critical thinking skills
Deep knowledge of social and cultural issues
Familiarity with mental health law, case law, and courtroom procedures
Strong writing skills
Strong oral presentation skills
Ability to maintain calm under pressure
Ability to work with people
Ability to deal with with risk of physical or verbal assault
Patience, empathy, honesty, integrity
IT skills
Market Outlook
Expected to grow about 14% through 2018
Most of those jobs will likely go to those with a doctorate degree
More competitive for master's degree
Skill Set
Average Salary
Average Hourly Wage
Highest Paying States:
California, Georgia, Illinois, New York,
North Carolina, and Washington State.
Highest Paying Cities:
New York, NY, Los Angeles,CA, Chicago, IL, Washington, D.C., San Diego, CA, Atlanta, Georgia, and Miami, FL.
Geographic Location
Education Level
Personal Reputation

Four years of undergraduate study
Two years of study for a master's or two-four years of study for a doctorate
Bachelor's degree opportunities
Not many higher-level positions
Court liaison, crime analyst
Master's degree opportunities
Pretty rare to pursue
Counseling/social work jobs
PhD and PsyD Opportunities
PhD allows for more personal research/evaluations, court testimonies, clinical treatments
Government/law enforcement consultation
PsyD requires less research and should be used to aim for jobs in the academic or court settings
Licensure is generally not necessary once a master's or doctorate degree is earned
Further certifications can be received after tests/training from the American Board of Forensic Psychology
Not necessary, but can be done for extra competitiveness in the job market
Undergraduate Preparation
Usually begin with a psychology major and a minor in criminology, criminal justice, or pre-law
Internships/volunteer work are very important like many other undergraduate degrees
Opportunities through FBI, CIA, State Law Departments, etc.
Police departments
Government agencies
Prosecutors' offices
Law firms
Insurance companies
Hospitals and substance abuse clinics
Anita L. Boss, PsyD, ABPP
Board Certified in FP by the ABBP with 16+ yrs exp.
Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Psychology, Fellow of the Society for Personality Assesment, Member-at-Large of the American Psychology-Law Society
Yeshiva University and Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
Private Forensic Practice stemming from her initial experience in correctional institutions as a forensic psychologist at St. Elizabeth's Hospital.
Assessment and Consultation
Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Assessment.
Instructor at the Catholic University in DC and faculty member of Rorschach Training Programs
Continuing education to other professionals.
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