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History and Methods of Anthropology, Part 1

Lecture Notes for 28 Sept 2015

Lisa Garibaldi

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of History and Methods of Anthropology, Part 1

History and Methods of Anthropology
L2 11 Jan 2017
Studying Culture using the Scientific Method
Proposed stages of human development
Improvement of the human condition

Universal History: Human Experience basis for Culture (Locke)
Enlightenment Thought - 1700-1800s
Colonial Accounts
Missionary Tales
Explorer's Logs
Armchair Anthropologists
On the Veranda
Importance of learning local languages
Participant Observation
Off the veranda
From Last Class
Four Field Anthropology
Syllabus and readings are on Ilearn
Tophat should be sending you emails today
The Roots of Anthropology
11 Jan 2017
Participant Observation
Participating in the daily life of the people being studied.
Important for establishing rapport
Why else?
An in-depth study of a particular culture.
A comparative study of two or more cultures.
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