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Veteranos: forgotten heroes of WWII

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Megan Foronda

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Veteranos: forgotten heroes of WWII

at the last political workshop...
The Manongs
demand Justice for our veteranos
Want to get involved?

KP UCSB has the opportunity to help our veteranos and fight alongside them to demand justice and equity to honor their lives and contributions.

Justice for American Veterans March
November 11, 2013 (Veteran's Day)
Los Angeles, CA
Filipino-American Veterans
Kapatirang Pilipino UCSB
Fall 2013 GM #3

Political workshop #2:
"It's a continuous fight, struggle. If we fail, we ask you to take up the fight for us, that they persevere to fight for and educate for equity."

- Faustino 'Mang Peping' Baclig
WWII veteran
first immigrant wave
1920s and 1930s
cheap labor
agriculture or domestic jobs
second-class citizens
virtually no rights or civil liberties
subject to anti-Filipino sentiment & violence

Our Veteranos
'veterano' refers to WWII veterans
By 1898, Philippines was a US colony
By 1940s, Japan invades and occupies PI
In response, over 200,000 Filipinos were drafted into US Armed Forces to fight against Japanese occupation
Soldiers were promised full and equitable benefits like their US counterparts who fought with them
US also promised Filipinos that the PI would become an independent nation ten years later (wut?) if they fought in war
Due to 1946 Rescission Act,
Filipinos veteranos are denied equal status, including recognition, compensation,
and benefits.
Filipino veteranos still suffer and lack full benefits, compensation, and recognition for their efforts during and beyond WWII.
Almost 70 years later...
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