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No description

Renee Schley

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of archimedes

Beginning of first Punic war. Marcellus loses against Archimedes military machines. End of Punic war.
Archimedes. He was born at 287-BC and died at 212-BC. He was born in Syracuse,Italy. He died when he was 75.
He studied at Alexandria, Egypt
His education was
Unknown. Most of his work was burned so we don't know if had brothers or sisters or a wife. We also don't know what he looks like.
He was a mathematician and an inventor.
He invented the sciences of mechanics and hydrostatics. He also discovered the laws of levers and pulleys which allows us to move heavy objects with small forces.
Two interesting events from his life.
Family status
Three historic world events that occurred during his life.
the websites i used
history of archimedes
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