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Copy of career profile


Michael Devlin

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of career profile

What does a vet do?
Education and Training
Bachelors Degree
Career Profile
Being a vet
A veterinarian diagnoses and treats sick or injured animals.
Why a vet?
I think that veterinarians provide a much needed service in our society today. Animals do not have a voice to say what is wrong with them. Vets are trained in animal medicine, surgery and behavior. I have always had a passion for having a carrier involving animals and this job allows me to be with them everyday. I think it'd be an amazing career to pursue . Another benefit in becoming a Vet is that I would have a new exciting opportunity each day.
Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
The study of microscopic organisms.
Animal management---
A career that pertains to animal behavior
Anatomy and physiology---
A broad area of vast careers
Animal nutrition---
A career that focuses on the dietary needs of animals
Equine care---
Horse care
Possible Fields
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Animal behavior
Veterinary pharmacology
Animal nutrition
Clinical pathology
Large and small animal medicine
Diagnostic imaging
Anesthesia and surgery principles
1st segment
2nd segment
Treat wounds
Prescribe medication
Perform surgery
Set fractures

The North American Veterinary Licensing Exam
2 years, class room instruction
2 years, focus more on clinical practicums ( gain hands-on, clinical experience)
High school Courses
It would be beneficial to take courses such as:
Advanced Functions
Time span
Including your bachelors and doctors of veterinary medicine it will be a total of about 8 years till you are considered a veterinarian.
Co-op Education
Later On:
$70,000 - $110,000
Private Owners
over $150,000
My life style
In my opinion, a Veterinarians salary would be quite livable in today's economy. A beginning veterinarian makes approximately 45,000 dollars per year. This salary is slightly over the 44,300 dollar average for the United States.
Work Conditions
Where would I work?
The places that I would like to work at are, in the inner city, or in the suburbs in rural areas.
Physically Demanding?
This job does seem to be very physically demanding, you must lift heavy things, you are on your feet all day, and also you could have problems with large animals.
Risk of diseases from different animals
no reliable house - lots of nights and weekends
Job satisfaction
I get to work with animals on a daily basis, allowing me an exciting experience each day, helping animals that can not speak for themselves and giving joy to the family once the animal is happy and healthy.
I may not know what exactly is wrong with the animal, therefore not being able to help to the fullest, having the schedule is so abnormal, I may not have enough time with my family and because schooling will take so long I would not be able to start my career fully until I am approximately 30 years old.
Future trends
Veterinary Clinic
Animal Hospital
As veterinarians do provide a service, there is an expected increase of demand for this job as many limited people can preform this service. Very few people are accepted into veterinarian schooling making it easier for those who have completed schooling in this field.
Self Employment
In the past couple years the amount of people in this job have gown a lot, about 44% are self employed, as once you are a fully certified veterinarian you are eligible to become self employed.
The need for Veterinary services will especially grow in farm animals and domestic animals.
Related jobs
Marine Biologist
By:Michael Devlin
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Career Cruising, Veterinarian page
1. using hands for precision and detail

2.using machines and technology

3.speaking and communicating with others.
Average Salary's:
84,460-per year
40.61 dollars per hour
Hope you learned a lot from this presentation. Have a nice day.
Thank You
Help Programs
a. Volunteer
b. Local agencies assistance
Avg. Starter Salary
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