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Lifelock V8

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Transcript of Lifelock V8

Golden Spark Plug Award
Our Changing World

Welcome to 2016 All Hands
We give you the confidence to live freely in an always-connected world.
Our True North
We put
in control of being
uniquely you.
Extend Identity Leadership
Innovate New Offerings
best in class products
differentiated product offerings
Deliver a
member experience
Significantly grow
partner channels
marketing effectiveness and efficiency
Build a
sterling reputation
for our consumers and partners
new consumer products at scale
identity management
as a platform

Three-Year Strategy
Grow and Leverage our Data Network
Increase penetration into credit card data/market/ Identify and acquire direct from consumer and priority data sets
Drive employee engagement / Build a “best place to work” environment / Create a diverse workforce
Create a Great Culture
Information Security
Security FIRST culture / Build industry-leading information security program
2016 Priorities

Best in class security


Differentiate our core identity management products

Maintain high employee engagement


Grow partner channel faster than consumer channel
Enhance brand reputation and effectiveness of marketing

Deliver WOW experiences

Launch new products at scale
Questions? Text LIFELOCK1 (space) and you question to 22333
Thank You and Congratulations
Our Three-Year Strategy (2015)
Delight Our Customers
Extend Identity Protection Leadership
New Products & New Customers
Create A High-Performance Culture
Grow and Leverage Our Data Network
Questions? Text LIFELOCK1 (space) and your question to 22333
How To Submit Questions
Text LIFELOCK1 (space) and your question to 22333.
Send your questions using the “Chat” feature.
Be sure to use the drop-down menu to select “Send to Host Privately”.
The Golden Spark
Plug Award
Recognize teams/individuals who set the standard for teamwork we want repeated throughout the company
ID Analytics Continuous Delivery Team
24/7 Alerts Platform Team
B2B, Core 2 and Acquisition WWW Team
Rupa Bernstein, Senior HR Generalist
Aaron Kline, ID Analytics Connect ID Product
ID Analytics Team Discovery
Zero Downtime Deployment Team
Agents Scrum Team
The Smart Talk
Telepresence Video Team
Jerome Heuze, LifeLock.com Homepage and Plan Selection Page
Collaboration Initiative
Billing 2.0 Member Migration
Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll
Jamie Crabtree, Project Swift
Changing Consumer Expectations
Changing Technology
LifeLock Today
Changing Consumer Behaviors
Our Strategic Focus
How We Will Do It: One LifeLock
What's New?
Thank You!
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