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Creating Community - Business Partnerships in Kathmandu, Nepal's Tourism Industry

Lena S

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Guthi

Nepal is beautiful. People want to go there. People do go there. But this has had harmful effects environment competition low-quality irresponsibility crowding individualism Some people are
working on it already and there are lots of people who care and that's great but what about the casual travelers who don't care about social responsibility? or the businesses that are more concerned with profit? get in the guthi! my sister LOST in the sea of junk
in Thamel, the touristy section of Kathmandu souvenirs bars shops hostels what's a guthi? In ancient Nepal (until about the 1950's),
the Nepali people relied on social associations called guthis to organize their
lives neighbors helping neighbors land ownership and municipality social functions religious events businesses now businesses and local communities can work together reclaim the guthi
by making changes HOW? outreach and awareness profitable incentives social networking community engagement for communities and businesses together a consulting firm
will have 2 main responsibilities 1 2 working with community organizations, like artisan guilds learn about their needs learn about their skills and assets connect them with great opportunities "auditing" businesses
to find ways to include
local communities help them save money present opportunities to gain new clients new experiences and services to offer greater profit! leads to... impacts support profit $ reputation community value and even... future impact local and governmental interest
in sustaining community, cultural,
and artistic organizations and programs communities working together
with businesses, tourists, and everyone in other words... "Get in the Guthi!" The Guthi in Modern Nepali Hospitality Incentives Lena Shrestha the end
thanks for watching.
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