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Social Impacts of Tourism in Malacca

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Kirrthana Devin

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Impacts of Tourism in Malacca

Social Impacts of Tourism in Malacca
Problem Statement
The local's perception of the tourist and the development of tourism
Overview of Tourism in Malaysia
Overview of Tourism in Malacca
Based on the research, the following can be identified ;
Overall social impact; positive or negative
How tourist behavior affect local community
Culture shock caused by tourist
Is the lifestyle of locals affected by tourism development
Development of local community, positive or negative
Research Objective
To understand the social impacts that the tourist bring to the local community in Malacca
To measure the behavior of the local community towards tourist arrival in Malacca
Research Questions
How will the locals react towards the arrival of tourist
Will tourist arrival bring any impact to locals
What are the social impacts that tourist bring to locals
What do locals think about tourist arrival
Significance of Study
Definition of Terms
Dissertation Structure
Ranked 9th most visited place in the world
Tourism is the 3rd largest source of income
Government agency in charge of promoting; Tourism Malaysia/Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board
Tourism Malaysia has 34 overseas and 11 marketing representative offices
Campaign called "Malaysia, Truly Asia"
Recent years tourism has been threatened by negative effects of growing industrial company
Registered into the World Heritage List by UNESCO
2011, Malacca recorded its highest number of visitors; 12.165 million
Generated tourism revenues of RM7.06 billion
Foreign arrivals grow faster than domestic ones
Most popular attractions; Museums, Malacca River Cruise, Malacca Zoo, Menara Taming Sari
Popular program for foreign traveler's; Homestay's
the proposed research serves as a reference or guide to understand how local perception affect the tourism development and to justify the importance of local perception towards tourist in significance to tourism development.
Ministry of Tourism
- They will be able to understand and find solution to overcome local's perception towards tourist
- to make them realize how their perception can affect tourism development
- to understand the importance of social impact towards tourism
Who does it benefit?
Social impact
- how the locals are affected by tourist
Tourist behavior
- the way tourist act when they travel
Local community
- group of people that live in the same location
Culture shock
- culture differences between the locals and tourists

To understand the overview of tourism in Malaysia and Malacca
To identify the social impact of tourist in Malacca
To understand the importance of local's perception towards tourist for tourism development
To identify to whom the research would be helpful
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