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Final our own adventure Soviet Jewry 1940-1995

No description

Julia Smirnova

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Final our own adventure Soviet Jewry 1940-1995

history 1
full truth
Go to senario A
white lie.
Go to senario B
history 2
history 3
history 4
history 5
history 6
In jail he meets a guy and they learn Hebrew together
In the jail Misha met another Jewish prisoner. His name was Anatoly Katz and he got to the prison because he and his friends celebrated jewish hollydays. Together in the prison Anatoly and Misha study hebrew In 1989 both of them are living jail.
Oct. 1980: Announcement of Hebrew lessons in Leningrad
JDC-sponsored Hebrew lessons at Moscow's Main Synagogue (UJA Operation Exodus photograph by Robert A. Cumins)
The Birth of the Refusenik
The victory of the Six Day War "penetrated the Iron Curtain, forging an almost mystic link with Soviet Jews. Like a cry from a distant past, it told us that we were no longer powerless, and no longer alone. We now had a country that wanted us, and a people who stood behind us. But it was not just pride that Israel's victory evoked among the Soviet Jews. It was also a near unheard-of willingness to take on the Kremlin." – Natan Sharansky
Don't Go
Don't Go
What does it mean to be Jewish?
Let my people go
The Leningrad Trail
Belavezha Accords
The Synagogue of Moscow
To be a "Refusnik"
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