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on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of comet

is Pluto a planet?
apparently, pluto was once belived as a planet, however, sientists belive that Pluto was an asteroid in the kuiper belt.
the moon?
the moon is an asteroid. it is made from the asteroids that once crashed earth. that is why the dinosaurs died out.
comet death
sadly, comet die if they are near the sun. the sun burns the comet and they evarporate.
there are comets that are grouped together. these are the two groups: the astroid belt (the one in the solar system) and the kuiper belt (outside the soler system).
deadly comets
comets look dangerous but it rarely never hit any planets. if a comet crash into earth, all living forms will die.
by joe

very detailed
(ps. it's suppose to be a meteor detector.
comet groups
picture of the asteroid belt taken in space
icy comets
some comets are icy: so they contain water. for example this comet under me is made of ice.
look here
or they get sucked inside a black hole
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