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iStart to iFinish: Creating Student-Centered iPad Lessons ISTE 2014

Prezi by Prezzip

Kristy Andre

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of iStart to iFinish: Creating Student-Centered iPad Lessons ISTE 2014

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iStart to iFinish: Creating Student-Centered iPad Lessons

Create one lesson
with the iPad
"Allows classroom groups to exchange ideas in the pages of digital texts."
Map your ideas
Share them
Collaborate in real time
Thanks for watching!
Step-by-step directions: goo.gl/x1i9vP
Using the 4 C's
Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication!
Create a movie in 3 steps!
Kristy Andre

Students form groups
Step 1:
Students pick a real life
problem that they will
try to solve.
Let's do "Water Pollution".
Now students will collaborate by researching the topic and discussing the texts that they read.
Put your students in groups of four or five. Now they are ready to collaborate.
Step 2: Students analyze the text they have read. They come up with solutions to the problem.
Step 3: Students take their ideas and publish them to a movie. This can be an informational movie with the local community as the intended audience.
Step 4: Students share their ideas. Invite your local community to see what you have done. Or....
@kristyandre2 & @tusdconnect
#ISTE14 or #ISTE2014
Create a QR code for each video and have it linked to a google form. Community members can provide feedback to the students and their ideas. Use the Tide Q app to create your own QR code.
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