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Resumes 101

Crafting a Powerful Resume

Justin Chin

on 3 January 2017

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Transcript of Resumes 101

Resumes 101: Crafting a Powerful Resume
Common Resumes
Five Resume Facts
The Core 4: Essential Parts of a Resume
Skills/Results, Experience & Education
Proof Statements
A Hiring Manager will spend no more than
7-12 seconds
to review an applicant's resume
A resume is a snap shot of how "your" skills, experience and training fit the position description
A resume is a living document that
changes with you
There is
no universal "correct" format
for resumes; however, there are
"universal best practices"
A resume
be multiple pages if your skills, experience and training are pertinent to the position
Skills, Experience and Education
Proof Statements
Who is the Professional?
A 'Proof Statement' is 'snapshot' of skills and experiences tailored to the job description
Click Below for Great Power Verbs:
"185 Powerful Verbs that will Make Your Resume Awesome"
Functional Resume
Focus on Relevant and Transferable Skills
Perfect for Candidates who have Relevant and Transferable Skills, but Lack Relevant Work History
Gaps in Employment or New to the Industry
Ideal for Job Seekers with Gaps in Employment or who are New to the Industry
Functional Resume
Common Resumes
Relevant Skills
Combination of Skills and Work Experience
List of Relevant Skills and Chronology of Relevant Work Experience
Relevant Work History
Perfect for the Job Candidate with Extensive Work History and Proof of Experiences and Accomplishments
Combination Resume
Combination Resume
Relevant Skills
Chronology of Relevant Work Experience
Relevant Skills Demonstrated in Proof Statements
Multiple Pages to Reflect Extensive Experience
A 'Proof Statement' is Made of
Power Verb
Industry Recognized Noun
Uniform Formatting
Readable Font and Size
Parallel Proof Statements
Use of White Space
It's About Relevance
Relevant Skills
Relevant Expereince
Relevant Education
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