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Presentation of Next Europe

Launch of my new book Next Europe - How the EU can survive in a world of tectonic shifts, 22 September 2014 in Brussels

Joop Hazenberg

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Presentation of Next Europe

Presentation of Next Europe
Next Europe in one pitch
Before we start
Pim de Kuijer (1981-2014)
Next Europe in three parts
The state of Europe

The Rise of the New World

How Europe can thrive in the 21st century

Winter is coming.... But is it?
Why Europe is so strong - seven reasons
A continent of dull peace
Breeding ground for post-modern governance
Economic powerhouse
Democracy and rule of law
Solidarity, welfare state
A European (political) space
Common history and cultural heritage
Why Europe is in deep trouble - six reasons
Growth engine running out of steam
Getting older while living beyond our means
New rifts inside Europe
The eurozone is a mess
Mind the political gap
Europe's ring of fire
BREAKING: We won't lose the race with the BRICS! #yay
(but the world will become a quite dangerous place)
China: not quite a world leader, yet
Biggest economy in the 2020s
The West and China live in parallel universes
Economy too dependent on state and foreign companies
Copying isn't the same as creating
Huge environmental problems
GDP p.c.: 1/3 of that of Portugal
Only interested in Europe as a market
India: a giant mediocrity
Stellar growth, vibrant democracy, huge workforce
Outside cities, medieval life looms
State is dysfunctional
Foreign policy: non-interference, small diplomatic corps
Potential: a regional, but not a world power
The other BRICS
: Recession. Huge policy mistakes. Polarized country, friendly to the West

: Recession. Drunkards. Relying on oil and aggression. Dreaming of a new Russian Empire while population shrinks

South Africa
: Small population, low growth, polarized country (better look at Nigeria)
The world in 2030
Tough economic climate, but globalisation will continue
Regionalisation across the world
Middle income trap for BRICS
Real fights for resources
Climate change 'kicking in'
Social tensions increase
How Europe can thrive in the 21st century
The new Commission should...
Fix the eurozone, kill the zombie banks
Complete the single market, especially (digital) services and energy
Promote youth entrepreneurship
Foster labour migration
Limit enlargement to the Balkans
Upgrade relations with Asia
Build 'Houses of Europe' across the world
Lead in energy & climate
After Juncker...
is now available at
Back to the core: the Soul of Europe
The Next Europe is easy to understand
Co-creating the new European narrative
More Europe: real economic governance, a real budget for Brussels, real foreign policy
Less Europe: give powers back to the member states
Next democracy: national mandates, directly electing Commissioners, more show and drama
A Treaty for Next Europe
More info and interviews on
Europe has a great future ahead, despite the eurozone crisis or the rise of the BRICS.

But to remain a strong, rich and cohesive continent, we have to reinvent the European project. Not in a few years, but today.
From Europe to the rest of the world
BUT: There is no race between BRICS and West
Shift in power balance accelerated after crisis

Global governance is dead

Zero growth new normal in Europe

Managing decline our future?
Rise of the BRICS is more a struggle for the countries themselves
Hundreds of millions still extremely poor - also in China
Lot of hype and fear mongering in Europe and US
It is not competition, but unbalanced growth and regional tensions that are dangerous
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