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No Excuses - In Office Boot Camp

Build a simple fitness routine into your daily work life!

Michelle Newman Brady

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of No Excuses - In Office Boot Camp

Fitting in Fitness
In-office Bootcamp


Here's how it works:
- Setup your post it note when you get to work
- Stick it to your computer, your dashboard, etc.
- NO EXCUSES - top of the hour, do your exercise!
- No gear needed - body weight is plenty!
Wellness does not need to be (and should not be) separate from work! Is wellness a part of your organization's culture?

Fitting in fitness takes a strong understanding of your employees' values, motivations, and desires.

The greater the participation, the better the results!
Contact me for your wellness needs!

MNB Wellness Consulting


(740) 760-0012

LinkedIn under
Michelle Newman Brady
9am - 3 sets of 10 situps
10am - 2 sets of 10 desk pushups
11am - 2 attempts at a 1 minute wall sit
noon - 20 sit/stand reps at my chair
1pm - 15 minute walk
2pm - 2 sets of 10 desk pushups
3pm - 1 minute standing jump rope
4pm - 20 sit/stand reps at my chair
5pm - 15 minute walk before leaving
Where did you hear that?
Check out the American Time Use Survey
at http://www.bls.gov/tus/charts/
A typical day...
Fitting in Fitness
How do we
combat this?
Your chair is killing you. Yep. Your CHAIR.

- Global studies report that on average, we spend 8.8 hours on work related activities and sit 7.7 hours a day.
The longer someone sits, the higher their BMI and the lower their self-reported state of mental well being.
An office worker may only burn 200 calories per week while an active worker burns over 2000.
"For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking." Dr. Martha Grogan, Cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic.

(Statistics from the US Labor Dept American Time Use Study)
Wellness Incentives/Programs:
Health checks/standards to
reduce insurance prices
Discounts to fitness centers
- Removing temptations
Big ($$) ideas! Stand up work
stations, exercise balls, etc
Just ignore it and assume it's not
a problem?
Wellness activities! What can we do?

(740) 760-0012
Save your sticky notes & exchange your sticky notes!
- It's not about making time - it's about finding time.
- Sustainable fitness FITS into your lifestyle.
- Thankfully, wellness is contagious!
- A wellness culture and camaraderie help keep the momentum going. Wellness coaching will give personal results and increase longevity.
- Bored? Google "50 bodyweight exercises"
Be BOLD. Every day.
presented by:
Michelle Newman Brady
MNB Wellness Consulting
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