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Life On Neptune?

No description

caroline c

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Life On Neptune?

Life On Neptune?
Adaptable Beings
The only form of cephalization in this alien was associated with the eyes, nose, mouth, and brain. They were all clustered together in the front of the life form's body.
Structural Support and Locomotion
The alien consists mainly of soft tissue and muscle with a patchy outer covering of icy skin. The alien also seems to have a skeleton due to its legs. The alien's locomotion, however, is due to the hydrogen heating organ that creates fuel in order for the alien to float through Neptune's atmosphere.
New evidence has proven that there is life on Neptune. Pictures of this new life have shown many adaptations.
The extraterrestrial life form had four forms of symmetry shown in the pictures. The alien's eyes were symmetrical in the way that they were both located on the side of the alien's head. It also had symmetrical nostrils that were actually located slightly above the eyes. It had two short tubes that we believe are used to eat that were also symmetrical. Its feet were symmetrical. These were the only obvious forms of symmetry.
Body Cavity
X-rays of the alien showed that it did have a body cavity to hold it's major organs. The thorax holds the heart, and air filter (type of lung). The abdominal cavity holds the energy or food (methane) storing organ, an organ that breaks down methane (intestine), and an organ that burns hydrogen in order to provide fuel to move.
This new life form has short legs with small suction cup feet in order to grip floating ice or rings, but has no other limbs.
The alien appeared to have eyes, mouth, nostrils, and feet,(sense of feel). However it has no use of ears because it is telepathic.
Other Bodily Functions
The alien has long tubes on its face that allow it to obtain methane as food. It digests the methane by breaking it down for energy and heat. Therefore, methane acts as a food source and for maintenance of body temperatures.
This alien breathes through the pores in its skin which then lead to a "filter" that seperates the alien of gases that might be harmful to it and healthy gases. The alien then excretes the harmful gases and some food waste out of its pores.
Methane from the alien's meal flows (in fluid form) through vein-like structures located throughout this creature's body.
The alien is camouflaged because the methane flowing in its blood gives it a blue of color like the planet Neptune, and because of icy patches of skin due to frozen methane from its pores.
The alien communicates through telepathy with other aliens.
The alien's sleep is in the form of a 33.6 hour (2 Neptune days) hibernation every 117.6 hours (1 Neptune week).
When icy patches of skin break off of the alien, new aliens form.
These creatures, although they have no other creatures to harm them, are extremely endangered. The elements on Neptune such as storms, high winds, temperature, and even floating objects are enough to be lethal to this creature. These creatures have adapted to their environment, though, enough to survive. Their suction cups can allow them to hold on to Neptune's solid rings during high winds, and the gases found on Neptune are these creatures only necessities. Their hydrogen heating organ also allows them to "ride" on Netune's high winds.
Intelligent Beings
As well as having physical features, these living organisms have the ability to store, manipulate, and communicate information.
These creatures, due to their environment live with a sense of fear, but are still content creatures.
Like human beings, information is stored in the alien's brain. Physical features as well as emotions are used to remember.
As the aliens use telepathy to communicate, a series of beeps and clicks similar to our Morse code takes place.
Social Organization
These creatures generally live as solitary organisms and don't associate with each other unless they are warning, fighting, protecting, or talking to each other. The only other time is at celebrations or assemblies. Some aliens contradict what the other aliens do and join together to form small packs.
The aliens have no official government, but there are distinct leaders within the species.
Some customs include meeting on the rings of Neptune for converstion once a year, but it is bad luck to associate too much with other aliens.
The aliens believe that Neptune will eventually come so close to Earth that they will be able to join us and live a better life.
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