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Sebastian Animals of the Rainforest

No description


on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Sebastian Animals of the Rainforest


The Coatis eat both plants and small mammals so they are omnivore. They eat a variety of different fruits, nuts, and seeds, along with insects, birds eggs, rodents and small reptiles such as lizards and snakes, and wild cats birds of prey, crocodiles eats
coatis. coatis are consumers because they eat
plants, small mammals and reptiles to get its energy.
Coatis live on trees but not on
the emergent on the canopy.
They are well adapted to sniffing
insects and poking stones and bits
of rotten wood. Coatis camouflage
with his skin colors and soil. They
don't mimicry with nothing.
Animals of the Rainforest

3rd grade

Ms. Prescilla
Physical Description
The Coatis are up to 33 feet
long and 60 cm . The body
of the coati is long and it has a very
flexible snout and a banded tail.
The colors of the coati are black,
brown, white, red or tan, reddish to
blackupper body.They are the most
sociable of the raccoon family.
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