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TOK Presentation: Rape Culture

No description

Omnia Saed

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of TOK Presentation: Rape Culture

The Two Sides: Associate Ohio Attorney General, Marianne Hemmeter, argued that both boys knew that the victim was impaired by drinking, and promptly took advantage and committed sexual acts that are constituted as rape under Ohio law. Steubenville Rape Trial Day of the crime Rape Culture: The defense also keen to take notice that the girl refused to return to West Virginia with her concerned former friends and Weirton Madonna High School classmates and the girls described her as a habitual liar. Perception The Perpetrators: Jock Culture Connections Katheryn Schulz's "Being Wrong" Are teenagers desensitized? Rape Culture in the 21st Century Have we become a desensitized generation to rape? Violence?
Did the victim play a role in the events that had occurred to her?
How did social media affect the turn of events? Does it highlight the negativity? Student outlook?
Did the perpetrators social hierarchy in the school (football athletes) play a role in the response by their peers?
Did technology showcase the attitude of our generation?
Why didn't anyone stop them? Why were videos, and pictures taken?
Is alcohol a justified excuse? links rape and sexual violence and agression to the culture of a certain society, and in which individual responses normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone rape. Areas of Knowledge: Ethics, Reasoning, Sense Perception and the Sciences August 12, 2012 Back-to-school signaled the start of a new season, leding way to Saturday night parties, filled with alcohol to honor football players and everyone else, These parties were often times hosted by adults and authority figures, like one of Big Red’s volunteer assistant coaches. Steubenville, Ohio, a steel and coal mining town that prides itself in its football team
The 18,000-strong city on the eastern edge of the state, prides its local high school football team and season so much —Steubenville rescheduled trick-or-treating one year when Halloween conflicted with a home game.
Football is one way for the talented kid, in an economically faltering town to go on to college and maybe a sports career—nine-time state champs, Steubenville’s Big Red gets attention from scouts. The minor awoke naked in a basement, surrounded by three boys, all of which were football players. Her clothes were nearby. But she couldn’t find her shoes or her cell phone or her jewelry. There was no clue about how she’d gotten there or what had happened the previous night. The account is as followed:
Originally from West Virginia, she went to a party with her friends
By 10:30, she was slurring her words and stumbling due to alcohol consumption, and the girls she’d arrived with left after admonishing her from staying.
She left with a group of boys from the football team in their car
The boys took her to another party, and another, even though they had to carry her, even though she was asked to leave one party after vomiting, even though she’d ended up topless and throwing up on the sidewalk between parties. - All of this was recorded (and how she found out) through social media and cell phones. Trent Mays (17) and Ma’lik Richmond (16) were accused of penetrating the unnamed girl with their fingers. In the state of Ohio, "digital penetration" meets the state's definition of rape The question was now whether the girl consented, and whether, under the circumstances, she could have consented. What is rape? Defense argued that the girl had on her own will poured own drinks, and the alcohol's affects were downplayed. Their expert witness, University of Texas clinical psychology professor, Kim Fromme asserted that according to her calculations the victim didn’t have enough alcohol in her system to make her pass out, but enough to potentially cause memory lapses, concluding that the girl may have given consent but forgot about it. Prosecutors The Two Sides: Defense 1. Reasoning and Ethics the Sciences 2. Technology Seventeen cell phones were seized by authorities. Several other boys took photos and made videos of the acts. Trent Mays, who had over 6,000 recorded messages on his phone, openly discussed the girl’s abuse and shared her nude photos, and on YouTube a video was uploaded in which an ex-classmate delivered a drunken monologue about “the dead girl” along with a string of rape jokes. Twitter 3. Sense Perception The Victim: Both boys didn't shy away from telling there peers, a belief that people would admire them for raping someone, or at least for humiliating them, seeming funny. And it was responded to as they expected, laughter could be heard in the videos and hundreds of kids texted both boys. The highest in both the school and social hierarchy, the boys' status may have motivated their actions. Athletes are to be held in high esteem, jocks overvalued especially in a sports-town. This idea emerges that inevitably, as long as they stay faithful and active in the team, players can do anything, even with adult consent. (i.e hazing). In a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, a third of the population believes "a woman who acts flirtatiously is partially or completely to blame for being raped"And more than 25% believe that a women is at least partly responsible for being raped "if she wears sexy or revealing clothing, or is drunk" Moral wrongness "is connected not by mere linguistics coincidence but by a long history of associating error with evil - and conversely, rightness and righteousness" Conviction Trent Mays, 17, and Ma'lik Richmond, 16, were both sentenced to at least one year in juvenile jail and could be held until they are 21 years old. Mays was sentenced to an additional year for a charge related to distributing nude images of a minor. Why is this important? Implicates our generation
A prevalent topic around the world:
Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok of Hong Kong on rape cases soaring 60 percent stated,"Some of these cases also involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol. So I would appeal that young ladies should not drink too much." The Pentagon just released a new report that shows sexual assaults in the military are up sharply, up to the rate of 70 per day. That's roughly three rapes every hour.
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