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Alice's mathematical adventure

No description

mairead b

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Alice's mathematical adventure

Alice the acute triangle's mathematical adventure
Alice Finally Starts Her Journey
Answering the First Question
Alice writes out and tries to figure out the answer this is what she is writing. The length of
side A is 10 the length of side
B is 12 and the length of side
C is 7. To get the perimeter
you add all the sides so you would
add 10+12+7=29 29 is the
perimeter of Alice.
Alice gets on The Plane
Alice finally got on the plane. The plane landed and to
get off the plane you have to answer a question. The
question is if you were to add all your brothers angles
together what would it be. 3 x 180 degrees=540. So
now she is in the real world.
She Learns About Math
She finally gets to learn what math is. She goes to the math museum
and she learns that she is a shape and a shape is math. She learns that
all the questions she answered is
all math questions she was happy to learn about math. So she left
real world..... now she is
Alice Begins Her Adventure
Alice wants to learn about the real world. Can you help her and her family? She would like to know about this school thing called math. She is super exited to begin her journey would you like to come?
Alice is a cutie! She's only a little girl, but
she is an acute triangle. Alice has three brothers
and one sister. They set off to acute land where all their friends live. Alice stops at the first place... her own house... but, wait she needs to answer a question first. The question is if you and a friend were to go to Cube land where all the cubes live, and they need your perimeter, like a passport, to go in what would you say?
What is an Acute Triangle?
An acute triangle has 3 sides
and every angle measures less then
90 degrees. All their angles add up to
180 degrees. If you have a friend that is
an acute triangle both of you guys add up
to 360 degrees. This is a story about an
acute triangle.
Some of Alice's Friends!
Alice Will Love to Show You Something
As you
can see
these are
some acute
They have 3 angles less then 90 degrees!
Triangle Style
All about Math
Mathematics is a study about many things
such as : 5+5=? A 210 B 10 C 55
If you thought B right now times tables
20 X 20= ? A 400 B 2,020 C 20
If you thought A your correct also perimeter and area are mathematics
3 X 180 = ? A 240 B 312 C 540
if you thought c your correct!

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