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Effective Teaching Methods

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Julie Goodman

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Effective Teaching Methods

A systematic instructional method that focuses on the transmission of knowledge and skills from the teacher to the student.
*Direct instruction is best for step by step knowledge and information and basic skill development.

*Direct instruction is not appropriate for higher order thinking skills such as problem solving.
Elements of
cooperative learning
1. Small groups (4-6) work together on learning activities.

2. Assignments require that studnts help one another.

3. Groups may compete against one another.

4. Group member contribute to groups goals according to their talents, interests, and abilities.
Students are motivated to learn in small groups through rewards that are made available to the group as a whole or individual members of a group.
Teachers model what need to be accomplished by using 3 steps:

1. Demonstrating the thinking involved in a task.
2. Making students aware of the thinking involved.
3. focusing students on applying the thinking
Cooperative Learning
Effective Teaching Methods
for effective teachers
A teaching method based on the thinking process where students are given opportunities to inquire into subjects so they can discover knowledge for themselves.
making inferences
drawing conclusions
form generalizations
clues, encouragement, suggestions, or support given on the basis of student understanding
Discovery Learning
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