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Girls Should Be Able To Play Football and Wrestling

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Macie Morrell

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Girls Should Be Able To Play Football and Wrestling

Girls Should Be Able To Play Football and Wrestling
If girls are good enough to make the team ,let them play
Often men make stereotypes about girls playing football and wrestling which usually stops them from being able to play.
Opinions from : Boys
Teaches Self Defense
"Women are not physically prepared for what it takes to be a football player, being a football player I know that it takes both mental and physical toughness."
"if you fit the requirements why not? There are some women 6 feet and over, why shouldn't they be able to play if they want to? Have you not seen female body builders? If they make the cut they should be allowed"
"Just because a girl CAN play football doesn't mean she should. A boy can play softball so why can't he be on a girls team? Girls have their sports and so do boys and we should leave it at that. Just think about it, why aren't there any females in the NFL?"
Opinions from: girls
My first point is that females can be just as strong, if not stronger than males. So they won’t be put in any more danger than the males. The females should play knowing that they may get injured as they could in any situation and should be willing to take the consciences of this. Men could also get injured is just a part or sport/life so they should remember that.
"I can’t find any real reason why females can’t play football or wrestling with males. What are men afraid of? That we might be better than them?"
Girls who are in wrestling or plays football can use things they learn at practice to defend themselves against attackers. With certain moves they may be able to disable or disarm the attacker. Research shows that girls who are in wrestling have been able to defend themselves more than girls who haven't been in wrestling.
"Including me Guys don't feel comfortable going against a girl in a wrestling match. we feel awkward grabbing a girl in the match."
"Some boys are afraid to go against girls because
they are afraid that they may lose and get criticized for losing to a girl. I was one of them"
"If a guy is afraid to go against a girl it's their fault. Either you're in it or you're not"
"Not all girls are as weak as they are portrayed. If girls push themselves enough they can be just as great as men when it comes to football and wrestling. Maybe even better if they try."
Opinion from: Me
I think girls should be able to play in sports such as football and wrestling because they should have the right to play the sport they love and want to play. Their appearances and genetic make up shouldn't be able to stop that.
Helps stay in shape
During any sport that includes running, working out, using quick moves, etc. you will condition basically the whole season. While conditioning you're running a lot which helps you become more fit and helps you stay in shape if you are in any other sports.
That's why I think girls should be able to play sports such as football and wrestling
Thank YOu
Most of these stereotypes are wrong. Boys say girls are too weak, too fragile to play, or can't do what a boy can do. When most girls join a football or wrestling team can actually be tougher and take down half the boys on the team.
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