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Devolutionary Forces Around the World

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Jordan Latimore

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Devolutionary Forces Around the World

Devolutionary Forces Around the World
By: Jordan Latimore
1a. 4 countries that suffered from Etnocultural devolution wereCzechoslavia, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Sri Lanka
1b. The reason why many of these countries are suffering devolution is because of conflict occuring within the country. Religious Conflict and Civil Wars have contributed to devolution.
Ethnocultural Devolutionary
1c. Some people in Scotland did not want the UK to join the European Union because Scotland believed they would be at a huge disadvantage. The Scottish believed that with the UK joining the EU that Scotland would become an even smaller country
1d. In Scotland some citizens wanted to gain independence from Britain in 1975. The reason for that, some argued, is that hard earned taxpayers money would be spent to improve Scotland not the UK as a whole. Not only that, but resources such as oil and natural gas would go to Edinburgh and not London.
Ethnocultural Devolutionary
2a. In Italy, the distribution of wealth between North and South Italy. The Northern region of Italy is extremenly wealthy, while the south ern region of Italy is extremely poor. The reason for this is the northern part of Italy is considered part of the european
(higher level of education,higher salaries, and more technology) and receive a lot of money from the governnt, while the southern part of Italy is considered part of the European
(lower levels of education, lower saleries, and lower technology) and receive less money from the government.
Economic Devolutionary Forces
2b. In Italy, some politicians have formed an orginazation called the Northern League as a result of the unfair wealth gained by northern Italy.
2c. During the 1900s in Brazil, a separatist group emerged as a direct result of government misspending tax money.
Economic Devolution Forces
Spatial Devolutionary Forces
3a. Some islands are subject to develoutionary process are Puerto Rico, East Timor, Zanzibar, Taiwan, etc.
3b. The United States and Hawaii have been part of spatial deveolution because many of the Native Hawaiians wanted many of the rights restored from before Hawaii was illegally annexed in the United States.
Spatial Devolutionary Forces
3c. Spatial influences such as basic physical geography and locational factors are key ingredients in the devolutionary process.
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