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How to use Video in Teaching

Workshop Haaga-Helia 13.3.2013

Lina Galrito-Leinonen

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of How to use Video in Teaching

How are teachers Where What Students can do What else teachers Workshop alignment 14:15 -14:30 Break 13:45 Group task 2 13:30 Group task 1 13:00 Introductory lecture Tutorial Fiction Documentary Types of Video How to use workshop Haaga-Helia 13.3.2013 USING VIDEO Flipped Class using video Documenting can do? http://movingpoems.com/category/videopoems/author-made-videopoems/
Video experimentation: poems, music, animation, etc.
Video Portfolio
on their projects or works CV and application letters
in video format Vlog Intranet to find videos? 14:30 Key aspects to remember 14:50 Presentations and Discussion 15:30 Feedback After this workshop
you will know: How are teachers using video in teaching ? Where to find video resources? How can teachers and students use video in class? How to use Vimeo editor in mobile devices? Themes: motivation, sharing teaching materials, fears in teaching, technology in the classroom Sparkle discussion
and Q&A Record and show interview
with an expert Video CV /Motivation letter Online session after watching video Tutorial Teaching Portfolio Video advertising a course or service in the school Flipped Class A campaign A field note: documenting a trip View and review video material at own pace, anywhere at anytime Video/Documentary/Fiction about
a specific topic Record their learning experiences /Self-reflexion Share videos in different social media in Teaching Show examples, cases studies or experiences Sharing Class material Creating Students dynamics for classroom research Students presentations performance Lecture or presentation ready to be published The whole course to share it with colleagues Compiling the results of a course Documenting Teaching On the content of the video

On the technique: editing/filming/sharing/postproduction

On the aesthetic qualities

On the licences for sharing online material

On ethical questions related to the publication of material in Internet. in teaching Replace teacher when absent A research: documenting interviews
and observations. A fictive story: on a certain topic A documentary: on a certain topic you want to discuss. It can focus on a process or on results. Share with families and friends Broaden their networks Recording students learning experiences as
a way to summarize and reflect on certain contents. Video blogs 'think aloud' A future scenario: this is use in design education to discuss with different stakeholders A screening session: Ask students to find videos. Each student curates
a video on a certain subject. Short videos competition Talks or lectures (like TED talks) Web cam Mobile&Smart phone Tablet (e.g. Ipad) Devices & Software Video camera Photo camera Lina Galrito-Leinonen, Mariana Salgado, Marcus Emas and Jim McWhirr Key aspects to keep in mind Remember to send your video to our email.
We will do a compilation and if you give us permission we will publish them to YouTube. place your device equidistant between speakers, to avoid problems with volume levels make sure the video is recording for a second or two before and after your material Make sure you know how to hold your device so that you don't accidentally cover either the lens of the microphone with a finger the hand-outs will be published on Moodle always check the copyright of the video, image or sound material that is not yours. Don't place subjects in front of windows or bright lights because you will have a black shadow as result. Feedback Choose a toy that better represents your experience during this workshop.
Tell us why. Summary Task 1 1 - Each group choose a theme for their video.

2 - Each group choose within the following formats: tutorial, documentary, fiction and talks or lectures

4 - Try to mix different elements, e.g. pictures, video, sound. Plan a 2-3 min video Tips: use storyboard, mind map, script Task 2 Make the video using Vimeo editor 1 - Do not desperate!

2 - We are here to help you.

3 - Make sure you downloaded Vimeo editor to your mobile device.

4 - Be creative. It is fun to do videos, show your fun ;-) Tip: Split task within group mates so you are more effective Composition of the image Keep the mobile device or camera near the subject to avoid sound problems Don Don´t zoom in and out too much Try to include video in your teaching and involve students in it. Use a royal free website when searching for images, sounds, videos ( check the hand out we gave you) Thank You!
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